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Authors: M. Fujii, S. Motojima
Abstract: The double helical carbon micro-coils were obtained by chemical vapor deposition. As-grown carbon micro-coils with amorphous structure were heat-treated at various temperatures up to 3000°C . By heat treatment, the shape of the coils was not changed. The morphology of these coils was observed in detail using electron microscope. The lattice structure was analyzed by X-ray diffraction method. Heat treatment temperature dependence of the magnetoresistance and the measurement of Raman spectra suggest that the coils heattreated at higher temperature are more highly graphitized.
Authors: B.D. Liu, Jia Liang Guan, D.SH. Li, H.Q. Li
Abstract: The removal of redundant layer of deposited metal of the micro coils is one difficult problem in the fabricating of micro-mechanical electromagnetic relay. In view of the machining efficiency and quality, the paper introduced lapping and polishing technology. The paper also analyzed the characteristic of lapping and polishing and introduced the appropriate abrasives. Then the main procedures were presented and the measuring result was given in the paper. The surface roughness of the coil could satisfy the next layer fabricate requirements of the micro-mechanical electromagnetic relay. At last the paper concluded the optimized lapping and polishing parameters.
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