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Authors: Xiao You Zhang, Yong Jun Wu, Li You Xu
Abstract: The change of H/O mixture ratio has affect on the combustion of H/O mixed gas in the micro combustor, and the temperature distribution of the micro combustor wall are researched in this paper, when the mixed gas flux is different in the combustor of the micro thermophotovoltaic system. The result of the test indicates that H/O mixed gas can combust stably in the micro combustor. As mixed gas flux is 3.92g/h and H/O mixture ratio is 2, the temperature of the micro combustor wall is about to 1100K, which matches work requirement of the micro thermophotovoltaic system.
Authors: Chun Taek Kim, Jung Kun Jin, Se Jin Kwon
Abstract: A micro catalytic combustor was studied as an energy source to supply heat to a micro scale endothermic reactor. The catalyst bed was made from porous material called Isolite B5 coated with Pt catalyst by the incipient wetness method. The catalyst bed is inserted in a millimeter scale reaction chamber and temperature distribution along the outside wall of the reactor was measured by varying the flow rate and equivalence ratio of the hydrogen and air mixture.
Authors: Chuang Li, Bin Xu, Jian Wu, Yi Cheng, Zhi Hao Ma
Abstract: With the establishment of the appropriate porous media model of the combustor, temperature contour map on combustor cross section were simulated under the condition of different flow rate and different porosity in the Fluent software, and experimented to verify the simulation. The results show that: Flame core position moves toward the export with the increase of flow rate, but when the flow increases to a certain amount, the outlet temperature rises significantly. temperature distribution is the best when flow rate is 120 mL/min; With the decrease of the porosity, the flame core position moves to the entrance. Wall average temperature of the combustor is the highest when porosity is 0.4.
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