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Authors: Raphaël Pesci, Karim Inal, Sophie Berveiller, Etienne Patoor, Jean Sébastien Lecomte, André Eberhardt
Abstract: A Kossel microdiffraction experimental set up is under development inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in order to determine the crystallographic orientation as well as the inter- and intragranular strains and stresses on the micron scale, using a one cubic micrometer spot. The experimental Kossel line patterns are obtained by way of a CCD camera and are then fully indexed using a home-made simulation program. The so-determined orientation is compared with Electron Back-Scattered Diffraction (EBSD) results, and in-situ tests are performed inside the SEM using a tensile/compressive machine. The aim is to verify a 50MPa stress sensitivity for this technique and to take advantage from this microscope environment to associate microstructure observations (slip lines, particle decohesion, crack initiation) with determined stress analyses.
Authors: Thomas Wroblewski, A. Bjeoumikhov, Bernd Hasse
Abstract: X-ray diffraction imaging applies an array of parallel capillaries in front of a position sensitive detector. Conventional micro channel plates of a few millimetre thickness have successfully been used as collimator arrays but require short sample to detector distances to achieve high spatial resolution. Furthermore, their limited absorption restricts their applications to low energy X-rays of around 10 keV. Progress in the fabrication of long polycapillaries allows an increase in the sample to detector distance without decreasing resolution and the use of high X-ray energies enables bulk investigations in transmission geometry.
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