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Authors: Xia Wu, Long Gu, Ji Sen Zhang, Hui Dong Yang
Abstract: Microcrystalline silicon thin films were deposited on glass substrates by VHF-PECVD varying the ratio of hydrogen dilution from 88% to 98%. The structural characteristics, deposition rate and photosensitivity of the films were investigated. With the improvement of the hydrogen dilution ratio, crystallization rate of the films had been improved which was much more stable than amorphous silicon that the films transmit from amorphous silicon to microcrystalline silicon. However the deposition rate had been reduced with the increase of the hydrogen dilution and the highest deposition rate was 0.43nm/s. The samples showed a downward trend of photosensitivity with optical and dark conductivity both decreasing first then increasing. Thus suitable hydrogen dilution ratio should be chosen according to the different needs in preparation of microcrystalline silicon film.
Authors: Hui Zhi Ren, Ying Zhao, Xiao Dan Zhang, Hong Ge, Zong Pan Wang
Abstract: Superscript textHigh conductivity,high crystalline volume fraction p-type microcrystaline silicon(p-μc-Si:H) thin films prepared by high-pressure VHF-PECVD are reported in this paper.The effects of the boron concentration, the silane concentration and the plasma power on the microstructures and electrical characteristics of P-μc-Si:H thin films are investigated. The results show that the microstructures and electrical characteristics of thin films relied on the deposition parameters. By optimizing the deposition parameters, very thin(31 nm) P-μc-Si:H thin films have been obtained at the doping ratio of 0.4% , SC at 1.2% and power at 1800W. The Xc of P-μc-Si:H thin films was 67% with 4.3% uniformity ,the dark conductivity was 0.68S/cm with 5.1% uniformity. By employing this P-μc-Si:H thin films, an initial conversion efficiency of 8.12% was obtained for a 0.79 m2 a-Si:H/μc-Si:H tandem module by Al as back reflector.
Authors: Hui Zhi Ren, Ying Zhao, Xiao Dan Zhang, Hong Ge, Zong Pan Wang
Abstract: We report on microcrystalline silicon thin films and a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H/μc-Si:H triple-junction p-i-n solar cells deposited on large-area glass substrate. Microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si:H) bottom cells were deposited at a VHF-PECVD deposition system with 40.68MHz. It is necessary to develop the uniformity of μc-Si:H thin films for large-area deposition of high-quality triple-junction solar cells. By optimizing the deposition parameters, μc-Si:H thin films have been obtained with good thickness and very good crystalline volume fractions uniformity over the whole substrates area. The triple-junction module have been successful fabricated. The best module on 0.79 m2 size substrates has an initial total-area efficiency of 8.35%.
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