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Authors: R.T. Leonard, Y. Khlebnikov, Adrian R. Powell, C. Basceri, M.F. Brady, I. Khlebnikov, Jason R. Jenny, D.P. Malta, Michael J. Paisley, Valeri F. Tsvetkov, R. Zilli, E. Deyneka, H.McD. Hobgood, Vijay Balakrishna, Calvin H. Carter Jr.
Abstract: Recent advances in PVT c-axis growth process have shown a path for eliminating micropipes in 4HN-SiC, leading to the demonstration of zero micropipe density 100 mm 4HN-SiC wafers. Combined techniques of KOH etching and cross-polarizer inspections were used to confirm the absence of micropipes. Crystal growth studies for 3-inch material with similar processes have demonstrated a 1c screw dislocation median density of 175 cm-2, compared to typical densities of 2x103 to 4x103 cm-2 in current production wafers. These values were obtained through optical scanning analyzer methods and verified by x-ray topography.
Authors: Kazutoshi Kojima, Hajime Okumura, Satoshi Kuroda, Kazuo Arai, Akihiko Ohi, Hiroyuki Akinaga
Abstract: Homoepitaxial growth was carried out on 4H-SiC on-axis substrate by horizontal hot wall chemical vapor deposition. By using carbon face substrate, specular surface morphology of a wide area of up to 80% of a 2-inch epitaxial wafer was obtained at a low C/Si ratio growth condition of 0.6. The Micropipe in on-axis substrate was indicated to be filled with spiral growth and to be dissociated into screw dislocations during epitaxial growth. It was found that the appearance of basal plane dislocations on the epitaxial layer surface can be prevented by using an on-axis substrate.
Authors: Evgenia V. Kalinina, A.S. Zubrilov, V. Solov'ev, N.I. Kuznetsov, Anders Hallén, Andrey O. Konstantinov, S. Karlsson, S.V. Rendakova, Vladimir Dmitriev
Authors: T.E. Schattner, Jeff B. Casady, M.C.D. Smith, Michael S. Mazzola, Vladimir Dmitriev, S.V. Rentakova, Stephen E. Saddow
Authors: Hidekazu Tsuchida, Isaho Kamata, Tamotsu Jikimoto, Toshiyuki Miyanagi, Kunikaza Izumi
Authors: M. Badila, Gheorghe Brezeanu, Jean-Pierre Chante, Marie Laure Locatelli, José Millan, Phillippe Godignon, Alexander A. Lebedev, P. Lungu, V. Banu
Authors: Isaho Kamata, Hidekazu Tsuchida, Tamotsu Jikimoto, Kunikaza Izumi
Authors: Naoki Oyanagi, Shin Ichi Nishizawa, Kazuo Arai
Authors: Jian Wei Wan, Seung Ho Park, Gil Yong Chung, E.P. Carlson, Mark J. Loboda
Abstract: Micropipes are considered to be a major device killer in SiC wafers. Developing a method to count and map micropipes efficiently and accurately has been a challenging task to date. In this work, a new method based on KOH etching and full wafer, high resolution digital imaging is developed to map and count micropipes in both conductive and semi-insulating SiC wafers. This method is also compared with a non-destructive method based on laser light scattering and a good agreement between the two methods is demonstrated.
Authors: Seo Young Ha, William M. Vetter, Michael Dudley, Marek Skowronski
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