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Authors: Jung Hwa Hong, Young Hwan Park
Abstract: Experimental measurement of pore pressure generation in lacunocanalicular network of trabeculae is never measured, although the characteristics could be important for bone remodeling. In this study, the pore pressure generation in micro-trabecular specimens within the elastic range was measured in vitro using a specially designed micro-experimental setup and a MEMS based micro-pressure transducer. Then, a quasi-static loading (9㎛/min) was applied up to the strain of 0.4 % with measuring pore pressure generations in the undrained and drained conditions. 49.2 ± 4.45 KPa of pore pressure generation at the 0.4% strain was found in the undrained condition. In contrast, no pore pressure generation was measured in the drained condition. The result could let us know the amount of a possible maximum pore pressure generation in lacunocanalicular network of trabeculae within the elastic range.
Authors: Hua Yue Du, Yong Qian, Cheng Guo Wu, Yan Hua Huang, Xia Li
Abstract: The requirement of the accuracy of microscopic measurements becomes more and more high, and traditional methods have been unable to meet the demands. Digital image deconvolution techniques are applied in microscopic measurement. By fabricating a pointolite, the point spread function of the optical system is measured, and then the geometric blurring in traditional microscopy is removed by using the maximum likelihood estimation algorithms and iteration threshold segmentation algorithms. The technique is applied to measure the total content of perlite and spheroidal graphite in spheroidal graphite iron accurately and easily, and then to measure the area of a scratch scaled in 10 microns on a medical department of orthopedics plates. The technique makes great sense in the development of corresponding measurement.
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