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Authors: Zong Yang Zhang, Xing Ai, Zhan Qiang Liu, Min Wang
Abstract: This paper deals with an experimental research on wear properties and mechanisms of coated carbide tools in dry turning of 300M steel which are widely used to manufacture the central spindle, wheel gear, aerofoil fastener and so on. Based on Makarow’s theory, the minimum surface wear rate hs = 2.88 μm and the optimal cutting speed v = 200 m/mim were attained under the condition of the feed rate f = 0.1 mm/r and the depth of cut ap = 0.15 mm. Analysis carried out with the SEM suggests that adhesion of workpiece material and chipping are dominant wear mechanisms. There was no observation of oxygen existing based on the analysis of EDS which indicated no oxidation wear generated during the turning machining.
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