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Authors: T. Walther, Colin J. Humphreys, A.G. Cullis, D.J. Robbins
Authors: Md. Arafat Hossain, Md. Rafiqul Islam
Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical calculation of misfit dislocation and strain relaxation in compositionally step graded InxGa 1-x N grown on GaN using the total dislocation energy at each interface. The results also compared with uniform layer of In 0.17 Ga 0.83 N and In 0.14 Ga 0.86 N grown differently on GaN. Due to having residual strain and a step increase in indium composition a lower misfit strain in upper layers and hence larger critical thickness at each interface has been reported. These effects significantly reduced the misfit dislocations from 2.6×105 cm-1 to 9.5×104 cm-1 in step graded In 0.14 Ga 0.86 N(500nm)/In 0.09 Ga 0.91 N(100nm)/In 0.05 Ga 0.95 N(100nm)/GaN layers instead of a uniform In 0.14 Ga 0.86 N(700nm)/GaN. A small residual strain of 0.0007 after 700 nm graded layer thickness has been reported with 87.04% strain relaxation.
Authors: A. Lévay, G. Möbus, V. Vitek, M. Rühle, Géza Tichy
Authors: Xuemin Pan, Heino Sieber, Stephan Senz, D. Hesse, J. Heydenreich
Authors: T. Mita, N. Yamamoto, T. Mitsui, S. Heun, A. Franciosi, J.M. Bonard
Authors: Shi Yang Ji, Kazutoshi Kojima, Yuuki Ishida, Hirotaka Yamaguchi, Shingo Saito, Tomohisa Kato, Hidekazu Tsuchida, Sadafumi Yoshida, Hajime Okumura
Abstract: The defect evolution on 90 μm-thick heavily Al-doped 4H-SiC epilayers with Al doping level higher than 1020 cm-3 was studied by tracing back to initial growth stage to monitor major dislocations and their propagations in each growth stage. Results from X-ray topography and KOH etching demonstrate that all existing dislocations on the surface of 90 μm-thick epilayer can be identified as the defects originating from substrate. In other words, there seems no new dislocation generated after a long-term growth. Nevertheless, a high density of misfit dislocation was found appearing near the substrate/epilayer interface for epilayer with Al doping level of 3.5×1020 cm-3, while misfit dislocation cannot be seen on epilayer with Al doping level of 1.5×1020 cm-3.
Authors: Salim El Kazzi, Ludovic Desplanque, Christophe Coinon, Yi Wang, Pierrre Ruterana, Xavier Wallart
Abstract: We study the initial growth of 10 monolayers (MLs) of GaSb on a (001) GaP substrate. Transmission electron microscopy and reflection high energy electron diffraction analysis show that an Sb-rich GaP surface promotes the formation of a 90° misfit dislocation array at the epi-substrate interface. Using atomic force microscopy, we investigate the influence of the growth temperature and the growth rate on the formation and the shape of GaSb islands.
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