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Authors: Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, L.J.M.G. Dortmans, G. de With
Authors: Frank Montheillet, S. Girard, Christophe Desrayaud, S. Lee Semiatin, J. Le Coze
Abstract: The present work deals with the influence of niobium in solid solution on the dynamic recrystallization of pure nickel. High-purity nickel and two model nickel-niobium alloys were deformed to large strains via torsion at temperatures between 800 and 1000°C. Niobium additions considerably increased the flow stress, while they lowered the strain-rate sensitivity and increased the apparent activation energy. EBSD of the steady-state microstructures revealed strong grain refinement. Substructure development was favored, whereas thermal twinning was reduced by niobium. More generally, discontinuous recrystallization kinetics were considerably decreased.
Authors: Jin Chao Yang, Bi Hong Song, Qing Chen, Wei Yang, Jian Hua Chen
Abstract: In consideration of few researches on model materials of soft rock tunnel model test, and the problems such as high price of raw material, difficult availability of materials in market, and weak universality existing in the materials which can be used as reference, this paper researches and develops the model materials with low price, wide source, and strong universality. The application result shows that the developed model materials can meet soft rock model test requirements, and they can be reused within 3 months.
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