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Authors: Shu Mei Zhao, Chun Feng Lv
Abstract: Generate sufficient test cases is difficult and expensive, especially for testing software systems whose input is structurally complex. This paper proposes a new approach to generating a large number of test data from a few seed test cases, called data mutation. In the new approach, mutation operators transform the input data rather than the program under test or the specification of the software. It is not a test adequacy measurement. Instead, it generates test cases. The paper also reports a case study with the method on testing a modeling tool and illustrates the applicability of the proposed method. Experimental results validate the effectiveness of the method.
Authors: De Jia Shi, Kai Ji Liao, Li Wang
Abstract: Knowledge management modeling is foundation of knowledge management practice. Previous work of knowledge management modeling is mainly about concept architecture. Its tools and methods are not strong. This paper suggested a new knowledge management meta-model based on the analyzing and integration of knowledge management model. The core of the meta-model includes organizational structure, business process, resource and knowledge. A knowledge management definition language (KMDL) is proposed, which defines a least set of knowledge management modeling components and properties. It also offers a shareable exchange format in common sense. Based on the meta-model and KMDL, we developed a knowledge management modeling tool.
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