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Authors: Ming Ma, Yong Li, Jing Kong, Juan Wang, Min Zhang, Wen Ming Wang, Hao Su, Li Qiu, Jing Kang, Wen Chen
Abstract: Theoretical research based on a modular, the steppe nomads living building "prototype" of Mongolia as the research object, analyze the function of the use of nomadic living space, through the analysis of modular grid of internal space, to create modular interior space, combined with fixed brick to diversify the design, providing humanized design for the grassland mobile residential construction, improve pastoral living space environment has practical significance.
Authors: Zdeněk Konečný, Petr Široký, Václav Krys, Tomáš Kot
Abstract: The article describes design of a drive module of a modular mobile chassis. This chassis was developed at the Department of Robotics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, as a part of the student grant competition “Research and development of modular robotic systems.” The article describes variants and the final mechanical construction of the drive module and also the structural analysis of this module according to the possible positioning in the whole modular system. The obtained results and possible ways of additional future development and modifications of the module are summarized in the conclusion.
Authors: Tie Wang, Jun Shen, Fu Qiang Zhao
Abstract: In order to meet high-volume, low-cost reducer and ensuring quality in the production of reducer, a new design method is necessary. This paper applies the design method of ‘modular’ in high-volume reducer production, preferred numbers and mechanical optimization design thought, then based on access database and VB programming software research modular design process of the volume reducer. Higher degree basic modular parameters of volume reducer are obtained.
Authors: Huan Qiang, Hu Zhang, Yan Zhou
Abstract: A design method of modular joint is proposed according to the complicated structure, line exposed and heavier characteristics of multi-DOF (degree of freedom) mechanical arm. In this paper, the design of modular joint was carried on and a model of six-DOF mechanical arm was built through the research on the structure of mechanical arm. On this basis, dynamics simulation will be carried. The results show that the modular design method simplified the structure of the mechanical arm, the dynamics simulation proved it was feasible for the structure design and drive selection.
Authors: Adrian Alutei, Mihai Olimpiu Tatar, Claudiu Cirebea
Abstract: This paper deals with aspects related to modeling, simulation and development of the drive and control systems for a modular robotic system for inspection and exploration. In the first part of the paper the proposed robotic system model is presented. In the second part of the paper the robotic system simulation in MATLAB / Simulink is presented, obtaining the necessary data to dimension the actuators. The command and control developed systems are presented in the end of the paper.
Authors: Lei Fan, Li Ping Zhao, Yi Yong Yao
Abstract: It is crucial to solve the conflict scale economies and product variety for product family plan. Therefore, from the view of functional parameters and structural characteristics of product family, a strategy was studied to work on product variety optimization and modular platform-based design based on similarity analysis. First of all, PCA (Principal Component Analysis) was performed to identify the key functional parameters. And then, a cluster analysis and a similarity analysis were carried out to provide a similar estimation for the products. Finally, according to the comprehensive analysis it would be helpful to layout the modular platform.
Authors: Li Gao, Zheng Wang, Ge Wang, Hai Tao Cheng
Abstract: In this study, Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) was used as the main raw material to design and manufacture a prefabricated modular bamboo house which could meet modern residential requirements. Bamboo was designed as building components after main physical-mechanical properties were tested and analyzed. After assembling bamboo together into construction components such as trusses and walls by using special connectors and clamps to combine and reinforce bamboo culms, strength of the prefabricated parts were tested. At last a modular bamboo house was built up. The results showed that use round bamboo for modern building is feasible.
Authors: Yun Tian, Kun Ding Wang
Abstract: Since mass customization is a kind of production and design patterns adapting to the individual needs of today's society consistent with mass production, it would inevitably lead to changes of all aspects of traditional production design and design processes. On the basis of the mass customization design and the customization position, this paper puts forward the product of classification of mass customization. It put forward a new thinking method and design process in product form design aspects.
Authors: Xue Mei Zong, Jing Wang, Li Ping Zhang, Hong Guang Ma, Yan Qun Huang
Abstract: Variant design is the main form of most manufacturing enterprises. In this paper, an extensible modular method is proposed to enable better and faster design. The structure module is set size inner-related, and then when the user requirements change, the key structural variables can be adjusted followed by the alterations of the driven sizes, also these alterations can be verified by the engineering analysis. Therefore, the product variant design process can be preceded effectively with the extensible modules.
Authors: Ding Xuan Zhao, Miao Xu, Peng Liu, Chun Bo Xu, Ming Zhi Lin, Qun Liang Dai
Abstract: Hydraulic excavator energy saving is one of the dominating problem that trouble construction machinery industry. Hybrid technology brings forward a new solution for this puzzle. In the research of hybrid hydraulic excavator, we set up a parallel hybrid excavator test bench based on modular-design method, this fills a domestic technology gap. Power-train performance test is undertaken on this bench and the power assist control strategy is proved to be significant energy saving.
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