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Authors: Yong Hua Cao, Xiao Qiang Kou
Abstract: In urban environment, the soil disturbance induced by shield tunneling can be sensitive because it can cause deformation of the ground and damage the near structure. To study this disturbance in the construction process of Tianjin metro line No.3, in-situ monitoring of pore water pressure, soil pressure and ground settlement were conducted. The pore water pressure was monitored for the soil around the tunnel. The soil pressure was monitored for the soil around the tunnel and on the tunnel face. It was revealed that the pore water pressure and soil pressure changed twice in the tunneling process and these changes were induced by cutting face and grouting at the shield tail. The soil pressure on the tunnel face reached its maximal value when the distance between the cutting face and the sensor elements was around the diameter of the tunnel. Ground settlement developed in the tunneling process. The shape of ultimate settlement trough is closed to the one obtained by Pecks method.
Authors: Hua Fen Sun, Ke Peng Hou
Abstract: The traditional analysis of slope deformation is only paying attention to the study of slope displacement velocity, while ignoring the displacement direction. therefore, this paper is proposed to use the 3Ddisplacement vector analysis method to analyze the data of the slope deformation monitoring. Take in Yunnan open-pit mine as an example, Using MATLAB software, draw the slope deformation 3Ddisplacement vector field graph, through the analysis of the characteristics of 3Ddisplacement vector field, it is shown that 3D displacement vector field can directly, accurately show the whole deformation of the slope, we can judge the deformation mode stability state of the slope and slope. this method can provide a reference for similar projects.
Authors: Yan Wen Xu, Feng Dong
Abstract: To strengthen and improve the movement of cars in real-time location tracking to monitor in order to improve operational efficiency and ensure traffic safety of the vehicle is particularly urgent, global system for mobile communication system GSM (Global System of Mobile communication) has been developed to the 3G era and geographic information systems GIS (Geographic Information System) of rapid development, so that based on GPS / GSM tracking feasibility sports car positioning monitoring system design is growing. In this paper, GPS / GSM mobile vehicle as the monitoring terminal hardware platform combined with GIS positioning tracking and monitoring center software design in VC ++ environment, in order to reduce the GPS module positioning error, system application Kalman filter algorithm for GPS data filtering to increase GPS the positioning accuracy.
Authors: Yu Feng Zhuang, Yang Yang
Abstract: At present, the wireless communications and mobile computing technology are relatively well developed. This article proposes a new special vehicle monitoring system in order to meet the needs of intelligent transportation industry. The monitoring system for special transport vehicles is designed to pass a full range of real-time monitoring to safeguard the vehicle transport of dangerous or valuable goods in transit security. The system has two main subsystems, including vehicle terminal subsystem and server-side subsystem. Wherein, the main function of the vehicle terminal subsystem is to all-round monitoring the specialty vehicles, including video, vehicle status, goods status and environment status etc. The terminal ensures the effectiveness of monitoring by using a 3G-based hybrid network access. The server-side subsystem is primarily responsible for information collection/processing/storage, providing monitoring display and publishing the WEB services which supported logistics information management systems and real-time traffic information. In practice, this article designs and implements a prototype system based on a natural gas transport fleet.
Authors: Constantin Ocnărescu, Ion Simionescu, Viorel Vulturescu, Maria Ocnărescu
Abstract: A geometric and kinematic study between two structures of robots was performed, respectively a mechanical anthropomorphic structure, with bars and gears, with four degree of freedom, (dof), redundant (4R), which canavoid obstacles and a parallel manipulator with translation on three axes (3T). This 3T structural solution allows rapid and precise movements, which are important characteristics for machine building industry. All these features make the parallel manipulator to be an attractive alternative to the serial ones for high precision operations in a limited workspace.
Authors: Guoan Yang, Zhenhuan Wu, Jin Ji Gao
Abstract: In this paper, a new method for time-varying machine condition monitoring is proposed. By Choi-Williams distribution, the interference terms produced by the bilinear time-frequency transform are reduced and the fault signal is processed by the correlation analysis of the Choi-Williams distribution. For machine fault diagnosis, both the feature extractor and classifier are combined to make a decision. It is particularly suited to those who are not experts in the field. Satisfactory results have been obtained from a real example and the effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated.
Authors: Ju Young Yun, Yong Hyeon Shin, Kwang Hwa Chung
Abstract: In examining particulate deposits in the pipes within a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system, vibration diagnostics is compared and studied against ultrasonic diagnostics. The latter method involves pulsing the outer wall of pipes with an ultrasonic sensor and analyzing the resulting echo to observe particulate deposits inside pipes. Vibration diagnostics examines the existence of particulate deposits by analyzing the difference in the frequencies generated when a vibrator is adhered to the outer wall of pipes. With ultrasonic diagnostics, good test results were obtained only when particulate deposits were attached to the inner wall of the pipes. After some time, however, particulate deposits were not detected properly, as the ultrasonic wave failed to cross the fine gaps created between the inner wall of the pipe and the deposits. In conclusion, the vibration diagnostics is being expected as the effective method in monitoring the particulate deposits inside pipes in the CVD system where the desired behavior is reduced frequency along with the the particulate deposits in comparison to the case where the pipe is clean.
Authors: Bo Li, Yi Ding Wang, Shuang Qiao, Zhi Qing Ma, Gui Fu Yang
Abstract: This paper describes a distributed system for monitoring the cameras and controlling the pan tilt zoom, banners and slogans. The system satisfies that users can operator the devices in any computer in the LAN of the express way system, and all video stream can be showed in both a video matrix and any computer in the LAN of the express way system as well. We employ web service and converter between network and serial communication line to implement the anywhere-accessing requirement.
Authors: Xian Ming Lei, You Gang Xiao, Ai Lin Ning, Wen Hua Yuan, Zhi Gang Chen
Abstract: The support reaction plays an important role to the shell stresses of rotary kiln, which is greatly affected by the kiln axis defection. The displacement measurement method along zero deformation direction is introduced, which can be used to monitor the defection of rotating center of kiln shell at the support pier exactly. The mechanical model to solve the support reactions is built based on the mechanical feature analysis of rotary kiln, and a fast solution to the support reactions is formed, the correlation between the support reactions and the axis defection can be obtained quickly by the method.
Authors: Ying Xue Yao, Y. Lu, Zhe Jun Yuan, J.Y. Hu
Abstract: This paper introduces a new hybrid model for tool condition monitoring (TCM) and optimal tool management (OTM) in end milling operation. The model includes a wavelet fuzzy neural network with acoustic emission (AE) and a model of fuzzy classification of tool wear state with the detected cutting parameters supported by cutting database. The results estimated by cutting conditions and detected signals are fused by artificial neural network (ANN) so as to facilitate effective tool replacement at a proper state or time. The validity and reliability of the method are verified by experimental results.
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