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Authors: Wan Li Xiong, M.Z. Lu, Hsian Wei Huang, Hai Qing Mi, Yan Wu
Authors: Ke Zhang, He Wang, Yu Hou Wu, Song Hua Li
Abstract: In ceramic machining field, the ultimate goal is to keep material surface integrity, dimension precision and max material removal rate synchronously. HIPSN ceramic ring high speed grinding experiments and researches have been performed, by testing and analyzing grinding force, combining grinding motorized spindle dynamic performance with grinding surface roughness, the influences on ceramic machining quality have been discussed. The grinding parameter can be chose in precondition promising machining quality. It possesses guidance significance in low cost, high efficiency precise ceramic parts machining.
Authors: Ping Ma, Cheng Xiang Liao, M.L. Duan, J.K. Li, D.N. Li, B.L. Zhang
Abstract: Balance for high speed motorized spindle is most important, it will influence the dynamic behavior of the high speed machine tools. In this paper, the GD-IV high speed spindle is introduced. In order to improve its balance accuracy, the step interference fit is developed to connect the rotor and the shaft. The interference fitted assembly has been modeled theoretically, the analysis highlights that the tolerance of the interference fit consists of the static section and dynamic section, the static section is determined by the transmitting torque while the dynamic section is determined by the centrifugal force. The Calculation of interference fit for the GD-IV spindle shows that the dynamic section is about 4.5 times larger than the static. Furthermore, the three dimensional model of the step interference fit between the shaft and the rotor has also been built up with finite element method and the stress distribution on the mating surface has been calculated. The results show that the maximum stress occurring near the chamfer region of the internal surface of the rotor is up to 235 MPa lower than the permissible material stress 278 MPa, so that the design of the step interference fit is reliability and safety.
Authors: Bao Ming Wang, Xia Lun Yun, Xing Yao Liao, Xue Song Mei
Abstract: Based on the theory of point contact thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL),the mathematical models for the thermal EHL of high-speed angular contact ball bearing are established. Multi-grid method and multigrid integration method are respectively used to calculate out the film pressure and film thickness respectively,and the column-by-column scanning method is used to calculate temperature rise of isothermal EHL and thermal EHL. The calculation results show that, under the pure rolling condition, temperature rise of oil film temperature is mainly caused by the compression work and shear heat at inlet and the heat in contact zone mainly comes from the inlet and the heat conduction around; the temperature rise results in oil viscosity lower and the lubricating film thinner ,in this way it reduces the lubrication performance in contact pair.
Authors: Dong Man Yu, Chang Pei Shang, Di Wang, Zhi Hua Gao
Abstract: Due to high rotation accuracy, high dynamic stiffness, high vibration damping and long life, high-speed spindles supported by hydrodynamic and hydrostatic hybrid bearings are widely applied in the field of high-speed precision machine tools. The basic structure and working principal was detailed introduced, and then demonstrated a series of models and specifications of motorized spindle manufactured by FISCHER company in Switzerland. The finite element model of high-speed motorized spindle was built up and carried out thermal analysis to study the heat generation and heat transfer. With the help of ANSYS finite element software, the temperature field distribution and the temperature rise condition for motorized spindle were analyzed. The result indicates that the front bearing has a higher temperature than that of back bearing. The maximum temperature of inner ring is bigger than that of outer ring.
Authors: Chun Li Lei, Zhi Yuan Rui, Jun Liu, Jing Fang Fang
Abstract: In order to reduce the thermal error of the motorized spindle and improve the manufacturing accuracy of NC machine tool, the thermal error forecasting models based on multivariate autoregressive (MVAR) method and genetic radial basis function (GARBF) neural network method are proposed, respectively. According to different representations of generation mechanism of motorized spindle thermal deformation, operation efficiency and curve fit precision of these two models are compared. The studied results show that under the same temperature rise variable conditions, MVAR model and GARBF neural network model have almost the same convergence and operation time and relative errors of two models are less than 3%. The results also show that the MVAR model has higher forecast precision in the prediction former stages; in contrast, the GARBF neural network model has higher forecast precision in the latter stages.
Authors: Xiao Hong Lu, Zhen Yuan Jia, Zhi Cong Zhang, Xv Jia
Abstract: The fixture of motorized spindle significantly affect the vibration of micro high speed CNC milling machine, its performance can directly affect the machining accuracy of the entire micro milling machine. A special fixture of high-speed motorized spindle is designed in the paper and its static characteristics are checked by utilizing ANSYS finite element analysis software. To guarantee the sufficient strength of bolts and the safety of motorized spindle when the motorized spindle runs at high speed, theory analysis method and ANSYS finite element analysis method are used to make the strength check of the fixture. The designed special fixture for high speed motorized spindle plays an important part in the design of high-speed motorized spindle.
Authors: Jing Zhu Pang, Bei Zhi Li, Jian Guo Yang, Zhou Ping Wu
Abstract: This paper presents the effects of spindle system configuration on the dynamic and static characteristics of high speed grinding. A 3D physical mode of high-speed grinding motorized spindle system with rotation speed of 150m/s was provided. The motorized spindle system consists of bearings, rotor, stator, spindle housing and grinding wheel. Based on the finite element method (FEM), the static characteristics, dynamic and the transient response are analyzed based on the finite element analysis software NASTRAN. It is shown that the spindle overhanging, bearing span have a significant effort on spindle deflection. The dynamic analysis shows no resonance will happen during its speed range. The methods and solutions for the motorized spindle system design and engineering applications was given in this paper.
Authors: Jie Meng, Xiao An Chen
Abstract: Experimental modal analysis is done to the grinding motorized spindle under 36000r/min. The corresponding theory and experimental plan are introduced. The time domain waveform is gained and the maximum vibration velocity is worked out. Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI) is applied to study dynamic characteristics of motorized spindle which is running idle, then modal parameters are extracted. The correctness of the experimental method is validated, which has certain referential importance.
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