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Authors: Feng Tao Wang, Lu Tao Song, Bin Zhang
Abstract: Increasing the machining precision of machine tools has imposed higher demands for dynamic characteristics of the key components. Taking the MDH50 precision machining center as a example, this paper established the flexible body of five key components, bed, column, spindle boxes, slipway and worktable, and built the rigid-flexible coupling systems of whole machine, based on the basic theory of multi-body system dynamics. Then the cutting force reference to the actual constraints was applied to the system and the dynamics simulation was carried out. The effect of every component on machining precision was effectively identified. Dynamic stiffness testing of the machine is based of principles of testing the transmission components dynamic stiffness, and further analysis of the each component dynamic stiffness is conducted, which can verify the accuracy of flexible body analysis.
Authors: Shu Feng Wang, Hua Shi Li, Cui Hua He
Abstract: In order to obtain accurate vehicle handling stability performance, 2 DOF nonlinear vehicle model and multi-body dynamics vehicle model are established. Selecting the same vehicle parameters, step steering angle input simulations of three vehicle model (include 2DOF linear vehicle model) are carried out under the same driving conditions, simulation results are analyzed and compared. The simulation results show that 2DOF linear model can characterize the steering states of vehicle when vehicle lateral acceleration is small, but when vehicle lateral acceleration is big, Nonlinear vehicle model and multi-body dynamics model is accurate.
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