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Authors: Zhen-Yan Deng, Guo Jun Zhang, Motohide Ando, Tatsuki Ohji
Authors: Hossein Hosseini-Toudeshky, Bijan Mohammadi, Pooya Saniei
Abstract: In this paper multiple fatigue cracks propagation are simulated in two-dimensional plates. Since re-meshing the cracked bodies in each increment of crack extension is a time-consuming and complicated procedure, numerical simulation of mixed-mode crack propagation with FEM is a difficulty. For this purpose, a FEM software is programmed and mesh refinement in each increment of crack is performed by Delaunay Refinement Algorithm. Using different refinement methods, complex boundaries such as multiple cracks and discontinuities which are closed together are easily refined by this algorithm. Crack propagation path is predicted using domain form of J-integral. Modified tensile stress (MTS) criterion is used to predict the crack propagation path in each increment. Different numerical examples illustrate the validation and reliability of present software.
Authors: Li Yun Li, F.X. Che, D.A. Liu
Abstract: Multi-crack problems are deeply involved in rock-like material and rock engineering. In order to study the influences of lateral stress and inclined crack angle on the failure load of the multi-cracked body, uniaxial and biaxial compression fracture tests are conducted on plate specimens with regular distributed multi-cracks. The stress distribution and the stress intensity factors KI and KII for every crack tips of the specimens are calculated by FEM. The experiment revealed that the failure load of the multi-cracked specimens increase obviously with the increase of the lateral pressure σ2 and the inclined crack angle α. And the multi-cracked specimens will hardly initiate propagation under equal biaxial compression. Analyses have been shown that these can be explained by the variation of KII with the σ2 and the α.
Authors: P. Lin, R.H.C. Wong, K.T. Chau, Chun An Tang
Authors: Lai Gui Wang, Xin Rui Gu, Feng Wei
Abstract: In order to study the tensile failure of rock bridge, the finite element software which can simulate the cracking of pull and tensile stress was used to simulate the tensile failure process of rock bridge with multi-crack. The general finite element software can only simulation continuous medium, in this paper we succeeded in discontinuous problem with this finite element software. Reach a conclusion of the rupture results of rock bridge in rock mass with multi-crack under the conditions of uniaxial compression, and the law of the stress distribution in the process of destruction.
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