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Authors: Jing Zhao, Li Qun Lu
Abstract: The process of multi-wedge cross wedge rolling is an advanced precision technology for forming long shaft parts such as automobile semi-axes. Three-dimensional solid model and the finite element model of semi-axes on automobile and dies of its cross wedge rolling were established. The process of cross wedge rolling was simulated according to the actual dimension of semi-axes on automobile utilizing the finite element method (FEM)software ANSYS/LS-DYNA. The required force parameters for designing semi-axes mill are determined. The appropriate roller width was determined according to the length and diameter of semi-axes on automobile. The results have provided the basis for the design of specific structure of automobile semi-axes cross wedge rolling mill.
Authors: Bin Hu, Xue Dao Shu, Peng Hui Yu, Wen Fei Peng
Abstract: The paper is based on the newest hollow railway axle, which utilizes the Pro/E designed multi-wedge cross wedge rolling (MCWR) model, utilizes the finite element analysis software DEFORM-3D to complete the numerical simulation about the whole stage of the hollow railway axle forming process, and analyzes the strain rule at the broadening stage of the hollow railway axle, especially conducts a detailed research on forming character into the strain rule at the multi-wedge transition stage, and finally gets the strain forming mechanism of the hollow railway axle at the broadening stage. The result of the research on the strain rule poses great scientific significance on enhancing the product quality and the production efficiency of the hollow railway axle, and improving the theory of multi-wedge cross wedge rolling.
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