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Authors: Yong Quan Ning, Ze Kun Yao, Hong Zhen Guo, Tao Yu, Yi Wen Zhang
Abstract: Ultrafine-grained treatment (multiple forging and heat treatment) were carried out on FGH4096 alloy to get ultrafine grain with grain being of 1-5μm. OM, SEM, TEM and tensile test were used to study the action of ultrafine-grained treatment on improving structure and properties. The tensile properties of the alloy processed under ultrafine-grained treated have shown quite satisfactory levels, which ultimate strength (UTS) reach 1730Mpa and yield strength (YS) values reach 1470Mpa at room temperature. The apperance of advanced strength has originated chiefly form not only the persence of fine grains, but also structure of grain boundaries and diaperce pricipitations of secondary phase. A better combination of mechanical properties achieved by use of ultrafine-grained treatment makes it possible to explore the dual property turbine disc to its maximum potential for FGH 4096 alloy.
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