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Authors: Peng Shi, Fei Liu, Ming Yang
Abstract: HLA-based simulation systems are multivariate discrete-event simulation systems, and sometimes with small samples in essential, for which exists initial transient issue. Simulation models begin in fixed initial values, which are always different from the steady state values. A variety of selection methods have been developed these years, but no one method could be recommended above others. Among these methods, the familiar statistical process control method is a popular way to deal with the warm-up selection, with the deficiency for multivariate and small samples. Based on SPC, individuals and moving range, multivariate exponentially weighted moving average chart for Individuals and Hotelling T2 method, a modified SPC method is proposed. The case of military domain simulation scenario and some empirical experiments, illustrate the validity of the modified SPC method.
Authors: Xin Wang, Shu Mao Wang, B. Miedzinski
Abstract: Threshing cylinder is a core component of combine harvester which determines the working performance of the entire machine and also consumes a majority of the whole combine harvester’s power. In this paper, a multivariate measurement and control system was established. The control algorithms were developed by linear regression theory and abundant experimental data. The Field trials were conducted in several major grain producing areas in China for data acquisition. Practical application indicated that the developed multivariate measurement and control system could meet the demand of optimal operation of threshing cylinder. The working performance and efficiency of combine harvester was improved.
Authors: Bin Zhao, Xue Mei Zong, Bing He, Li Jie Zhang
Abstract: Roadheader cutting head design parameters include rotational speed, yawing speed, cutting line spacing and teeth numbers on each cutting line. They all have an important effect on the performance of roadheader, which is mainly includes producing dust quantity, cutting specific energy, production efficiency and load fluctuations. Based on the cutting performance analysis of a single cutting parameters, using the fgoalattain function in Matlab optimization toolbox, multi variables multi objectives optimum design of roadheader cutting head is realized, which provide theoretical support for the design and analysis of the roadheader cutting head.
Authors: Yong Zheng Zhou, Ru Dong Ouyang, Han Jun Wu, De Juan Kong
Abstract: In this paper, it was discussed the Rader chart, trigonometric polynomial graph and the constellation graph which can be programmed and realized by MATLAB SOFEWARE and got it applied in the research of Ceramic Raw Materials classification used the replacing theory of same type kaolin to reduce the cost of raw materials and reduce the cost of transport. To improve the economic benefits of the production of ceramic enterprises, and the research results will be widely applied in industrial production for the purpose of guiding ceramic.
Authors: En Rang Zheng, Zhao Yang Qi
Abstract: For implementing excellent control to nonlinear systems with long time-delay, a new intelligent control algorithm of cloud models was proposed. This algorithm presents the uncertainty reasoning of control rules based on cloud model. This model is a new method for transformation between qualitative and quantitative in the knowledge. The intelligent controller uses the theory of the fuzzy control, designing a variant dimension cloud model intelligent controller containing a one-dimension cloud model controller to eliminate steady-state error, which is used for thermal power plant boiler superheated steam temperature. It also shows that the cloud controller is simple and easy, directly perceived through the senses, and has strong robustness, better control performance, and good application.
Authors: Hong Yun Liu, Jie Li
Abstract: Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. In this work, the notion of matrix-valued multiresolution analysis of space is introduced. A method for constructing orthogonal matrix-valued ternary wavelet packs is developed and their properties are discussed by means of time-frequency analysis method, matrix theory and functional analysis method. Three orthogonality formulas concerning these wavelet packets are provided. Finally, new orthonormal wavelet pack bases of space are obtained by constructing a series of subspaces of orthogonal matrix-valued wavelet packets.
Authors: Yin Hong Xia, Hua Li
Abstract: In this article, the notion of a kind of multivariate vector-valued wavelet packets with composite dilation matrix is introduced. A new method for designing a kind of biorthogonal vector- valued wavelet packets in higher dimensions is developed and their biorthogonality property is inv- -estigated by virtue of matrix theory, time-frequency analysis method, and operator theory. Two biorthogonality formulas concerning these wavelet packets are presented. Moreover, it is shown how to gain new Riesz bases of space by constructing a series of subspace of wavelet packets.
Authors: De Lin Hua, Qing Bin Lu
Abstract: Materials science is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering. This paper is devoted to the study and construction of finitely supported tight multivariate frames of multivariate multi-wavelets. Inparticular, a necessary conditi- on for their existence is obtained to present some feasible idea for designing such MRA tight frames. The characteristics of binary multiscale pseudoframes for subspaces is investigated. The constructi- on of a GMS of Paley-Wiener subspace of is studied. A constructive method for affine multivariate frames based on such a GMS is established.
Authors: Bao Ming Qiao, Xue Jun Qiao
Abstract: Wavelet analysis has become a popular subject in scientific research in the past twenty years. In this work, we develop the concept of a class of vector-valued multivarition matrix. A new method for constructing multidimensional vector-valued wavelet packets is formulated. Their characteristics are researched by means of operator theory, time-frequency analysis method and matrix theory. There orthogonality formulas regarding the wavelet packets are provided. Orthogonality decomposition relation formulas of the space L2(Rs)r are obtained by constructing a series of subspaces of the vector-valued wavelet packet. Furthermore, several orthonormal wavelet packet bases of space L2(Rs)r are constructed from the wavelet packets.
Authors: Shu Yun Yang, Hui Zong Wang
Abstract: Applying Toda and Yamamoto’s approach within a multivariate framework, this paper investigates the causal relationship between nuclear power consumption and real output. The results suggest suggest that there is presence of a positive significant Granger causality running from real output to nuclear power consumption, but there is no presence of a significant Granger causality running from nuclear power consumption to real output. The finding implies that nuclear power consumption doesn’t affect real output and policies assisting expansion of nuclear power consumption may not hinder real output, while policies promoting real output may boost nuclear power consumption.
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