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Authors: Vanalysa Ly, Stéphane Gorsse, Kiyonori Suzuki, Christopher R. Hutchinson
Abstract: A physically-based model is proposed for the competitive precipitation of multiple phases (bcc-Fe, Fe3B, Nd2Fe14B, Nd2Fe23B3, NdFe4B4 and Fe2B) from an amorphous Fe-B-Nd matrix. These materials form the basis of a class of nanocomposite hard magnets. The nucleation and growth of the different phases are calculated using computational thermodynamics and kinetics tools with input from a thermodynamic assessment of this system. In some alloy compositions, the phase formation sequence during crystallization shows significant sensitivity to the heating-rate. Model calculations illustrate that this effect cannot be explained by homogeneous nucleation and growth of the phases. The possible role of heterogeneous nucleation is briefly discussed.
Authors: Xie Rong Zeng, Hong Chao Sheng, Ji Zhao Zou, Sheng Hui Xie
Abstract: In Nd9.5Fe84B6.5 melt-spun ribbon, the quenching temperature is found to be effective for the texture development of Nd2Fe14B nanocrystals. For a relatively low quenching temperature of 1250°C a (00l) texture of Nd2Fe14B crystals was found on the free-side surface of the ribbons. At a higher quenching temperature of 1350°C, the microstructure of the free-side surface of the ribbons switches into (320) and (517) texture. It is believed that the transformation of the melt at higher temperature triggers the switch of the texture.
Authors: Jia Jun Guo, Zhong Wei Wang, Jian Zhang, Xu Zhao, Wei Chen
Abstract: The pulse-laser-crystallization (PLC) technique was applied to Nd3.7Pr3.4Dy0.9Fe86B5Nb1 amorphous ribbons. After irradiation with a 248nm KrF pulse excimer laser at a fequency of 15Hz for 1 min, the Nd3.7Pr3.4Dy0.9Fe86B5Nb1 amorphous ribbons crystallized into the homogeneous Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe nanocomposite permanent magnetic materials with an average grain size around 26nm. The obtained coercivity, remanence, and (BH)max values were 6.6 K, 1.23 T, and 18.5 MGOe, respectively.
Authors: Zhao Liang Jiang, X.Y. Chen, Y. Chen, Li Zhang, F.M. Bai, Jie Zhu
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