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Authors: Wei Li, Shu Yan Zhang, Saurabh Kabra, Anton Tremsin, Brian Abbey, Henry Kirkwood, Daniel Terret, Serigne Ndoye, Erin T. McDevitt
Abstract: This paper investigates residual stress due to fillet rolling on bolts made of ATI 718Plus® superalloy. Incremental hole drilling, neutron diffraction and neutron transmission have been used to assess residual stress near the bolt head fillet. A compressive residual stress field was identified in the first 0.5 mm from the surface. Post fillet rolling solution anneal can relieve the residual stress at the fillet.
Authors: Javier R. Santisteban, S. Siano, Mark R. Daymond
Abstract: We report neutron strain scanning experiments on archaeological bronzes, with the aim of identifying the original manufacturing techniques used. The specimens studied were a Picenan necklace from VI BC, and an Etruscan bucket handle from IV BC, exhibited at the Marches Museum of Archaeology, Ancona, Italy. Time-of-flight neutron diffraction and transmission experiments were performed at the ENGIN-X instrument, ISIS, UK. For the necklace, characteristic bending strain profiles and a small degree of preferred orientation indicate that the specimen had been cold worked. For the handle, broad diffraction peaks and highly distorted Bragg edges -typical of a columnar grain microstructure- suggested that this specimen was cast and did not undergo significant thermal or mechanical treatment. The relation between the experimental diffracted and transmitted time-of-flight spectra, and the microstructure of specimens are discussed.
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