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Authors: Yoshihisa Kaneko, Y. Nishijima, T. Sanda, Satoshi Hashimoto
Abstract: Effect of Ni/Cu multilayer coating on fatigue durability was investigated. The Ni/Cu multilayered films were coated on cylindrical copper specimens by electroplating technique. Thickness of individual component layers was h=20nm and 100nm and the total thickness was 5μm. The specimens with a conventional nickel coating and uncoated specimens were also prepared. Push-pull fatigue tests were carried out in air at room temperature. It was found that the specimens with the Ni/Cu multilayered coatings exhibited the fatigue lives longer than those of the conventional nickel coating. In particular, the fatigue life with the h=100nm multilayer was at least ten times longer than that with the nickel coating at the stress amplitude of 90MPa. From the electron channelling contrast imaging (ECCI) observation of subsurface areas of the copper specimens, dislocation structures peculiar to fatigue deformation was suppressed by the surface coatings.
Authors: Jong Han Lee, Sang Won Shin, Young Suk Kwon, In Hoon Choi, Chung Nam Whang, Tae Gon Kim, Jong Han Song
Abstract: Ni(60Å)/Cu film possessing perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) changes its easy direction into the plane by ion irradiation, due to the relaxation of the strain. By fixing our eyes upon this magnetic property, the magnetic patterning of Ni(60Å)/Cu film using 40 keV O ion irradiation was performed through the photo-resist (PR) mask having 10㎛ x 10 ㎛pattern sizes to pattern the magnetic film. After the PR mask removal of an irradiated film, the magnetic properties were investigated by the magneto-optic Kerr effect and the formation of magnetic pattern was observed by the magnetic force microscopy. The PMA magnetic patterning of epitaxial Ni/Cu film was successfully performed in scale of ㎛ by using ion irradiation, compatible with device process.
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