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Authors: R. DiDomizio, M.F.X. Gigliotti, J.S. Marte, P.R. Subramanian, Vener Valitov
Abstract: This paper discusses the development of a novel processing route to produce ultra finegrain bulk alloy forgings; the microstructural response of these forgings to thermal exposure; and the comparison of mechanical properties to those from conventionally processed material. A Ni- 20Cr [wt%] alloy was processed by near-isothermal multi-axis forging to a grain size of approximately 1 μm. A heat-treatment study over the range 900 to 1200°C was conducted to determine the resultant grain size as a function of time and temperature. Tensile properties were measured at room temperature, 500°C, and 930°C. High-cycle fatigue properties were measured at room temperature. The room-temperature tensile strength was approximately 2.5 times greater than that of conventionally processed Ni-20Cr. Fatigue data showed that the room-temperature highcycle fatigue run-out stress was greater than 100% of the yield stress.
Authors: Kenji Murakami, Nobuhiro Fujita, S. Adachi, Hideo Nakajima, H. Miyake
Abstract: Copper, iron and a nickel-chromium alloy were thermal sprayed onto a mild steel substrate in air and the structures of the sprayed particles that were collected during flying and those of the coatings are examined. The coatings consist of metal layers and metal oxide layers, and the minor phase layers become disintegrated and granulated on annealing. This morphology change is caused by the balance of the boundary energies.
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