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Authors: L.A. Bereznjakova, A.V. Shchukarev, V.I. Ivanov-Omskii
Authors: D.H. Jang, Gil Ho Gu, Chan Gyung Park
Abstract: Bulk silicon is the material for microelectronics fabrication such as memory device. However, its optical properties are poor due to its indirect band gap. Since the photoluminescence from porous silicon at room temperature was first reported by Canham, silicon nanostructures have attracted considerable interest due to their potential applications in optoelectronic devices such as Si-based LEDs, solar cell. In the present study, the nanocrystalline silicons were synthesized by non-thermal plasma from gas phase. And Nitrogen plasma was applied to reduce the nonraidative recombination center which related to the emission efficiency. To confirm the effect of nitrogen plasma, the compositional, electrical and optical analysis of silicon nanocryatals layer were also investigated.
Authors: Kiyozumi Niizuma, Yoshio Utsushikawa
Authors: S. Gurumurthy, H.L. Bhat, Vijay Kumar
Authors: Guo Jian Zhao
Abstract: An approach by mixing laser and plasma to conduct nitriding treatment on the surface of titanium can improve the surface hardness, and the hardness of the surface in different nitriding depth is different. We wrote a program, by which we carried out Monte Carlo simulation calculation, in accordance with the model description by C language. In the calculation process, by changing laser power intensity, scanning velocity, nitrogen ion energy and angle of incidence, we got the distribution of nitrogen ions in iron under different conditions, and thus formed computer simulation diagram of titanium nitride process.
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