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Authors: Jian Wu, Min Xue Wang, Bing Bing Wu
Abstract: In this paper, we report our recent studies on developing nonlinear techniques based on a single SOA for all-optical signal processing at high-speed, with a focus on simple configurations employing commercial SOAs for several key all-optical network applications. Our researches are based on nonlinear polarization rotation (NPR), four-wave mixing (FWM) and cross-phase modulation (XPM) effects in a single SOA. We propose and demonstrate applications of the nonlinear techniques in all-optical logic gates, multi-function format coversion, tunable Lyot birefringent filter and multi-channel optical time division multiplexed (OTDM) demultiplexing.
Authors: Yao Li
Abstract: This paper proposes a novel algorithm for the automatic generation of pencil drawing from digital image. We use multi-scale edge detector to construct an outline map according to the structural importance. Using strokes as the major building blocks, we smooth the boundary and rendering outline according to the pencil sketch style. Then, tone rendering is carried out to convey both the tone and textures of the original image. Experimental results on natural scenery and architectural scenery images show that the pencil sketch drawings produced by our method are of good visual effects. Besides, the implementation require less than 1 second on the image with 400*300 pixels.
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