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Authors: Paola Rizzi, Marcello Baricco, Livio Battezzati, Peter Schumacher, A. Lindsay Greer
Authors: Trinitat Pradell, D. Crespo, Narcis Clavaguera, Maria T. Clavaguera-Mora
Authors: A. Khalladi, Z. Tong, Santiago Suriñach, A. Tonejc, Maria Dolores Baró
Authors: Farshid Pahlevani, Koichi Anzai, E. Niyama
Abstract: The needs for high-strength and light weight structural materials have increased in automotive and aerospace structure applications. The semi-solid processed light alloys inherently offer the opportunity to produce high integrity components for these requirements. Various processing methods exist for applying agitation to a molten metal during solidification to obtain metal slurries suitable for semi-solid metal processing. In this paper, a new technique (Cup-Cast method) to achieve semi-solid metal structure using agitation and direct spherical growth during solidification is reported. Cup-Cast method is the most quick and simple semi-solid processing route which semi-solid slurry would be prepared just by pouring molten metal into a metallic cup. In this study Cup-Cast method was introduced and effect of process parameters on micro-structural characterization of slurry prepared by this method was investigated.
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