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Authors: Wei Chi Pei, Ju Han, Yao Gang Li
Abstract: The service life of open-die cold extrusion is the most important factor in economic efficiency. To prolong its service life, the design of the die needs a rational structure. Studying the stress of the die wall and its distribution rule is the precondition in cavity die optimization design. Numerical simulation for tube open-die cold extrusion process using finite element software Deform-3D, the distribution of the stress of die wall, the influence rule of the stress of cavity die wall under various kinds of the processing parameter and the optimum range of stress of cavity die wall. The analysis result can take some effective measures to rational design for the die to decrease the die defect, prolong the service life of the die and increase economic efficiency. It can also offer references for optimization design of cavity die.
Authors: Shuang Jie Zhang, Wen Hua Gu, Xue Rui Dai, Xin Xu, Jun Li
Abstract: The parts with axial special-hole, which are difficult to be processed by traditional machining process because of the high cost and low efficiency, are widely used in many fields. In this paper, a new practicable method to form axial special-hole by open-die cold extrusion is put forward. The four failure types of forming axial irregular-holes by open-die extrusion are analyzed. The key parameters, cone angle, reduction, original ratio of the thickness-diameter, etc., which largely influence forming process and the limits range is analyzed by numerical simulation , and make an experiment to verify the results. Based on the analysis, the law of shaping and the limit of the key parameters are concluded. The optimum range of the die’s cone angles is from 16° to 22°.The largest reduction is 24% for the billets with concave outer profile and 22% for the billets with convex outer profile.
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