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Authors: L. Meili, M.O. Fernandes, Carlos Henrique Ataíde, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno
Abstract: The Venturi scrubbers have a high collection efficiency to remove very small particles from gaseous streams. The main purpose of this work is to determine the overall collection efficiency of Venturi scrubbers with circular section under different operation conditions. The experimental system consisted of a Venturi scrubber with circular section and liquid injection in the throat. A factorial experimental design was carried out; the overall collection efficiency was the response. Three variables were analyzed: the throat length, the air velocity and the liquid flow. The best values for efficiency were obtained for 15 m/s of air velocity and 300 mL/min of liquid flow and the throat length did not have influence.
Authors: Isabele Cristina Bicalho, José Lucas Mognon, Juliana Shimoyama, Carlos Henrique Ataíde, Claudio Roberto Duarte
Abstract: Hydrocyclones use the same principle of separation of centrifuges, but with no moving parts and no mechanical complexity. For these reasons as well as its versatility in applications, low cost, simple operation, small size, high production efficiencies with short residence times, these devices have been widely found in industry, and even suggested as a practical alternative to solid-liquid separations involving biological material. In the process of fermentation to produce ethanol, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae are recovered and recycled to a new stage of fermentation. This separation process is a major challenge, because the yeasts are small and low density. In this sense, the objective of this work was to investigate the use of hydrocyclones for the separation of yeast from alcoholic fermentation. A factorial experimental design (24) was applied and the results were used to determine empirical mathematical model that describes the reduced separation efficiency as a function of different geometrical and operating variables.
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