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Authors: Fei Peng, Zhi Zheng Wu, Lu Wang
Abstract: The tracking servo control has played an important role in the data storage servo systems. In the next generation optical data storage systems, i.e. the near-field recording system, the tracking error of the servo system should be below 10 nanometers under various unknown situations. However, higher data transfer rate and higher data density make it difficult to maintain the desired tracking precision during normal disk operation. It is proposed in this paper to use an adaptive regulation approach to maintain the tracking error below its desired value, despite unknown track eccentricity and external force disturbance. The performance of the proposed control approach is analyzed and simulation results are presented to illustrate the capability of the proposed adaptive regulator to achieve and maintain the desired tracking precision.
Authors: Qun Hao, Xue Min Cheng, Xin Nan Hou, Jian She Ma
Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the two-photon recording system in a 50-layer structure with each recording layer contains 4.7GB of data, similar to the capacity of a single layer Digital Versatile Disc, as the total capacity is 235GB/disc. We present a single-laser system to realize recording and reading and propose a new multilayer disc structure in which the groove structure is set on the substrate for servo control, the laser is separated by a PBS to two parts, one for recording and the other for servo in the optical system. Our research shows the feasibility of high density optical data storage using a single laser in a multilayer structure.
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