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Authors: Yong Chen, Xin Min Dong, Ya Li Chen, Long Wang, Jun Guo, Hong Bo Li
Abstract: This paper presents the principle and application of a class of cascaded optimal control allocation approach for overactuated aircraft. The design is based on mixed optimized targets consisting of two parts: the tracking error of virtual control and the effectors’ error related to the preferred control vector. At each step, the unconstrained least square problem is solved through simple calculation to obtain the optimal solution. If any optimal commands exceed the position limit or rate limit, a scheme is designed to choose at most one effector set to its limit and the remaining virtual controls are redistributed among other unsaturated control effectors. The Simulation based on the ADMIRE model shows that the effectiveness of the proposed approach comparing with Cascaded Generalized Inverse and Fixed-Point Method.
Authors: Yan Hong Du, Wei Yu Zhang, Xin Song, Yuan Liu, Ruo Kui Chang
Abstract: In this paper, the optimized point stabilization control of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot has been researched, and point stabilization control of constraint nonholonomic wheeled system has been achieved through the geometry planning method based on Bézier, and constrained system is converted to un-constraint optimized question based on introducing penalty functions. The optimized control parameters has been got through Hooke-Jeeves method to achieve the perfect combination of the optimized route planning and optimized control, which can make the robot achieve the target pose under the constraint condition and improve the smooth of move path and reduce the stable time. The controller's validity is proved by the experiment.
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