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Authors: Satoshi Takaoka, Hiroshi Horikawa, Jyunji Kobayashi, Kenichi Shimizu
Authors: J. Coleto, Javier Goñi, P. Egizabal, M. García de Cortázar, G. Lilly, X. Sainz, Laurent Pambaguian
Authors: Carl J. Boehlert, B.S. Majumdar, Daniel Eylon
Authors: Yong Wu, Gang Liu, Zhi Qiang Liu, Bei Bei Kong
Abstract: Ti2AlNb based alloy has been paid more and more attention in recent years because of their high application potential in jet engines for good mechanical properties at high temperature. However, the control of microstructure and mechanical properties for components in sheet metal forming is very difficult because the complex phase transformation. In this paper, a cylindrical part was produced by hot gas forming and the formability of a Ti-22Al-24.5Nb-0.5Mo sheet with thickness of 2mm was studied at 985°C. It is found that the parts could be formed with small bottom-corner radius of 4mm with outer diameter of 60mm and the depth of 20mm. The strain distribution and thinning ratio of the parts were analyzed. The maximum thinning ratio was 56.3% near to the small corner. The microstructures of the original blank and the cylindrical parts were observed by optical microscopic (OM). It is found that the orthorhombic (O) phase and α2 phase significantly reduced during the forming process. On the other hand, at different position of the parts, different microstructures appear because of different strain values.
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