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Authors: Hong Pu Liu, Er Bao Peng
Abstract: This text apply UG software to the design and study on the type parameter of the brakes. On the basis of the principles of discretization, discretize the structural pattern of the brake drum. select the typical characteristic of the brake assemblies and the individual parts of the 3d parameterization modeling work, to build a model for parameterization library calls.
Authors: Yan Zhen Wang, Jian Ping Wang, Sun Sun, Yan Mei Li
Abstract: To study the parameterized intelligent generation of women’s suit pattern, it is proposed a concept about rapid generation of individualize pattern. Focused on research principal parts (Body modular, Sleeve modular and lapel modular) of lady’s suit automatic generation system and built up the curve mathematics parameters model, it obtained the data base of system structure. Realization of suit showed how to establish the parametric model of body, sleeve and collar. It began to set up a automatic system about interactive pattern tentatively on the base of VC++ and Arcobjects.
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