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Authors: Ying Liang Yu, De Qing Yang
Abstract: The paper discusses the NC polishing and NC repairing of the arc surface with an ultra-large radius of the paper machine’s press roll. It is very difficult to polish and repair press rolls whose radius is up to several thousands of meters because it is quite beyond the range which a NC system permits. The special NC reconstruction of a machine tool and its principle and method were elaborated. In an example the accuracy of parameters conversion was calculated and related formulas were derived, and also the methods of eliminating errors and the measures to compensate errors were discussed. In view of the abrasion of the grinding (or polishing) wheel, the measure for instantaneous automatic compensation was discussed.
Authors: Ying Liang Yu, Zhi Yi Miao, Hui Yu
Abstract: The design of NC reconstruction of a machine tool and the parameters conversion are elaborated by means of an example of sphere grinding using a common grinding machine which has been reconstructed by special NC technologies. The grinding of a large size sphere is realized by using the linear instruction. The variable speed rotary grinding of a large size sphere is realized by using the arc instruction. The instantaneous compensation of the grinding wheel is realized by using the screw instruction. The function and application scope of NC technology are expanded because of variable speed rotary motion and instantaneous compensation of the grinding wheel.
Authors: Ying Liang Yu, Zai Dan Geng
Abstract: One of the significant features of CNC technological superiority is in the practical applications, according to the necessary movement of processed parts required, we can use generating method to transform CNC machine tools and receive the desired results. This article discussed under the premise that lack of special equipment, transforming ordinary horizontal CNC milling to machine worm gear. The advantage of this numerical transformation approach is using the processing functions of thread and tapered thread instruction, skillfully translating into control of the CNC machining worm, expanding the CNC machining capabilities and the scope of practical application. Also apply the advantages of CNC technology, reduce or eliminate the accumulation of worm in the processing of pitch error which makes the worm processing precision and smoothness of worm drive better. This paper discussed the principles of numerical control transformation, transformation of milling machine structure and the conversion calculation of parameters in programming, analyzed the causes and processing effects of worm gear processing errors control and accuracy improving.
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