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Authors: Jian Cao, Feng Tang, Qing Xu
Abstract: To solve partner selection problems under enterprise’s green operation strategy nowadays, a new fuzzy-AHP method based on the AHP and basic theory of the triangular fuzzy number was given. Moreover, the evaluation hierarchy structure and corresponding evaluation process were described. Compared with traditional AHP approach, the proposed model combines subjective analysis with quantitative analysis more reasonably, synthesizes group opinions more adequately. The method can be practiced easily and widely, mainly because of the model’s simple, normative arithmetic formulas and the consistency of triangular-fuzzy-number-based judgment matrices. The results of a case study on selecting fabric suppliers in a middle-scale clothing enterprise indicate that, by applying the method-based software system, fair and reasonable conclusions under group decision-making environment can be acquired clearly.
Authors: Wen Yong Zhou, Yun Fei He, Jing Zhang
Abstract: Multiple factors are required to take into consideration when evaluating the performance of candidates. This paper formulates selecting partners for virtual enterprises as a multi-criteria analysis model, and presents an effective approach by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) for solving the problem. A relatively complete database of indicators for different types of candidate is established first. AHP and entropy are simultaneously uesd to weight these indicators. An empirical example is conducted to illustrate the application of this model. The result shows that the approach can reflect the information emitted by the ratios used.
Authors: Yan Fang Kang, Gui Hua Nie, Dong Lin Chen, Zhong Wu
Abstract: The cloud computing market is composed by many cloud service providers, It is a key problem about how to choose and to determine the appropriate the competitiveness partners between the major cloud service providers. For this problem we propose a optimization algorithm based on graph theory solution. First we should clearly consider the factors in choosing the partner's .On this basis we establish the mathematical model of the cloud service provider partners. How to select the tender of cloud service providers in the problem, the paper gives the optimization algorithm based on graph theory, last we give an example to verify the effectiveness of the algorithm.
Authors: Ya Dong Fang, Wei Ping He, Lai Hong Du, Jin Liang Chen, Feng Zhao, Guang Feng Zhang
Abstract: According to requirement of cooperative manufacturing partner selection based on networked manufacturing environment, the paper resolves cooperative manufacturing partner selection problem by ant colony algorithm and grey relation theory: Firstly, manufacturing task is divided into series of working procedure in time order by technologic planning. Secondly, considerable candidate enterprises are selected in terms of multi-hierarchy grey relation coefficient at each working procedure node to reduce the size of problem. Lastly, cooperative enterprise selecting path is decided by making use of ant colony algorithm in light of transportation cost.
Authors: Jian Ping Yang, Li Jun Hou
Abstract: Strategic alliance of real estate enterprise is the strategic choice responds to the current market environment and pursue sustainable development in real estate industry.While,the scientific selection of partner is the start and the key to success for establishing strategic alliance.Combination empowerment method and cloud model is introduced to the selection of strategic alliance partner for real estate enterprise.With the help of corresponding technology and equipment,through a series of data processing for data collection,processing, transformation and transmission proves the method can be used more effective in practice of the selection of strategic alliance partner for real estate enterprise.
Authors: Min Hu
Abstract: Emergency mobilization alliance partner selection process is longitudinally choice of the value chain to achieve a task. Value of subtasks coefficient has been discussed. Depending on the difficulty of the problem and analytical perspective, the model of emergency mobilization alliance partner selection is given to maximize the overall effectiveness of the emergency mobilization. The choice of partner selection using adaptive genetic algorithm is made and the comparison with other methods has been analyzed.
Authors: Yu Liu, Nan Wang, Fei Feng, Lu Gan
Abstract: In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become the most critical enterprise resources; however, because of the accelerating speed of knowledge innovation, knowledge sharing between organizations becomes the inevitable choice for enterprises. Moreover, selection of the appropriate sharing partners has an important impact on the efficiency of knowledge sharing. In this paper, the authors analyze the factors of knowledge sharing among the cluster enterprises, build a cluster enterprise knowledge-sharing partner selection index system, and use the BP neural network model to select suitable enterprise knowledge sharing partners. Finally, the authors demonstrate the feasibility of the method with an example.
Authors: Xiang Tian Nie, Jing Hai Lan
Abstract: Selecting excellent partnering partners is crucial for project implementation.In view of the drawbacks of traditional methods which only consider the rigid index such as business index, technical data and management data, this paper establishes an evaluation system which considers soft level index and is appropriate for the project of partnering mode. From this system, this paper sets up a comprehensive evaluation mode for partners’ selection based on the entropy and vertical projection method. This mode provides a simple and scientific new way for selecting excellent partnering partners.
Authors: Xian Liang Zong, Hui Zheng, Yu Sun
Abstract: Application service provider (ASP) based dynamic alliance has great advantages in die industry. This paper presents a complete scheme for establishing an ASP-based dynamic alliance for automobile panel die industry. The proposed scheme divides the job of partner selection into three phases, i.e., discovery of potential partners, junior evaluation and selection of potential partners and combination optimization of dynamic alliance. Methods for the three phases of partner selection are proposed and discussed. A prototype system has been developed to confirm the proposed scheme’s feasibility and efficiency.
Authors: Ai Ling Chen
Abstract: Partner selection decisions are an important component of production and supply chain management. However, partner selection is a typical multi-criteria decision-making problem and many factors affect partner selection; it is hard to select the most appropriate partners in real circumstances, especially in agricultural product supply chain. In this study, a discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed to solve the problem. A numerical example for partner selection of agricultural product supply chain is given to illustrate the application of the proposed method and shows the proposed method is feasible and effective.
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