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Authors: S. Jethwa, D.W. Tee, S.M. Francis, F. Grillo, N.V. Richardson, Chris Reid, Larry McGhee, W.M. Lee
Abstract: The use of integration of copper interconnects in semiconductor devices has greatly advanced the development of integrated circuits and has enabled ever higher device densities. Unfortunately the oxides of copper are poorly suited to semiconductor manufacture. As Cu (I) and Cu (II) oxides are not self-limiting they can pose serious issues from a cleaning and queue time management perspective. In both post-etch and post-CMP cleaning applications it is critical that both types of Cu oxide are removed without damage to either Cu or the dielectric. With the most advanced sub 32nm nodes simply removing the oxides is not sufficient; their re-growth must also be prevented using surface passivation.
Authors: Takahisa Ohno, Taizo Sasaki, Akihito Taguchi
Authors: Ivan Venegoni, Matteo Consonni, Irene Bianchi, Enrica Ravizza, Salvatore Grasso, Simona Spadoni, Mario Pistoni, Paolo Colpani
Authors: U. Rau, D. Braunger, H.-W. Schock
Authors: Tuomas van der Meer, Jussi Liipo, Jaakko Leppinen
Abstract: The effect of different microbial consortia on the leaching of chalcopyrite was studied at different temperatures and solution compositions with Boliden’s Aitik ore in column reactors simulating heap bioleaching. The columns were equipped with sampling chambers and chalcopyrite mineral electrodes in order to investigate the passivation of chalcopyrite. The sampling chambers were filled with agglomerated ore and pieces of chalcopyrite-rich ore. In addition to chemical analysis of the leaching solution and solids the progress of leaching of chalcopyrite was studied by continuous potential measurements with chalcopyrite electrodes. The occurrence and composition of potentially passivating layers on the surfaces of the electrodes and the samples taken from sample chambers were examined by optical and scanning electron microscopy.
Authors: V. Brunetti, H.M. Villulas, M. López Teijelo
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