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Authors: Yun Yang, Yue Zhu
Abstract: In this article, Using the latest Visual 2005 supplied C # serial class implements PC and single-chip microcomputer of serial communication. Summarizes the card the integrated function of the integrated management system, and probes into how to use C# serial kind of design for serial communication program, through the C# serial class in one card the specific application of integrated management system, and analyzes the application of C# serial kind characteristics, proved the C# serial class can make serial communication program design flexibility, can improve the reliability of the data in the serial port transmission. The actual operation shows that this kind of programming method is stable, reliable and practical.
Authors: Tan Winie, S.R. Majid, M.F. Hassan, A.K. Arof
Abstract: Hexanoyl chitosan that exhibited solubility in THF was prepared by acyl modification of chitosan. Films of hexanoyl chitosan-based polymer electrolyte were prepared by the technique of solution casting. The effect of plasticizers on the electrical properties of hexanoyl chitosan: LiCF3SO3 electrolytes have been investigated. The plasticizers used were EC, PC and a mixture of EC and PC. The highest room temperature conductivity of about 1.1 x 10-4 S cm-1 was achieved for electrolyte with composition of 50:50 (wt.%) mixture of PC: EC. The variations in conductivity have been explained using the Rice and Roth model from which the numbers of free ions per unit volume, mobility and diffusion coefficient of free ions were obtained. Electrochemical cells based on LiCoO2/MCMB couple were assembled using the electrolyte that exhibited the highest ionic conductivity. The performance of the cells have been studied and discussed in this paper.
Authors: Jiu Jun Zhen, Zhan Min Yang
Abstract: Through the analysis of the glass wall and solar panel cleaning robot research status at home and abroad, based on cleaning characteristics and requirements of such kind of smooth surface, a full pneumatic-driven flat surface cleaning robot system is presented. The robot adopts unique three-position cylinder driving technique, SCM and PC two-level control, can crawl along the smooth surface and clean, and can overcome obstacles in a certain height. Running results show that the robot system has simple structure, low cost, the functions of on-line fault diagnosis, and can provide a new efficient, simple and safe way for the glass wall and solar panel cleaning.
Authors: Zhan Min Yang, Guo Qing Zhang, Jiu Jun Zhen
Abstract: Through the analysis of the research status and application characteristics of the pipeline robot, a design of pipeline and slot multi-function robot is presented. The robot adopts pneumatic power systems and peristaltic walk way. The robot can move not only in reducing pipe to clean or detect, but also between the slot to rescue or transfer goods according to computer instructions. The system is operated by slave control unit and controlled by PC through an auxiliary rope, so the robot has advantages about real-time detection of the work state, strong driving force, easy maintenance and fault recovery, low cost and so on.
Authors: Rong Xia Sun, Pan Pan Huang, Ning Ran, Jian Kang, Xiao Feng Chen, Yi Tian
Abstract: Multi-PH value system detecting system is maked with AT89C52 MCU as the control center. Detecting uses pH-BTA sensor, signals are amplificated through CA3140, ADC0808 realizes A/D conversion, 74LS148 controls 8 signals acquisition, 1602 LCD displays PH value, remote data monitoring in PC is realized through serial port. Adopt VB to monitoring interface in PC. Physical production and debugging is accomplished based on the simulation in proteus, 8 pH values of real-time and cycle monitoring system is realized ultimately. Actual test data shows that the error of measuring pH value and theoretical pH value is between ± 0.1 relatively.
Authors: Long He
Abstract: Based on the independent variables normalized mathematical thought and the combination of PC communication technology, this paper designs master-slave fast online monitoring system, the system includes computer control system, PC single chip communication system and intelligent robot system. In order to verify the validity and reliability of the system, the system is applied the online monitoring experiment of GMAW welding droplet spray process, to detect the shoot down process parameters. Finally, we get the heat flux density with the change curve of distance and voltage current, to provide a reliable experimental data for the design of intelligent automation welding process.
Authors: Xiu Hong Zhang
Abstract: Discussed the structure feature, working principle, communication protocol and design of hardware and software of the intelligent measurement and control device based on CAN bus in this paper.
Authors: Yang Yang Xu, Ying Wang
Abstract: Serial communication of pc and single chip microcomputer was presented based on MSCOMM control of Visual Basic 6.0. Some properties of MSCOMM control were expounded. This system has the functions of data collecting, data displaying, data recording, historical data query, curve drawing and so on.
Authors: W. Wang
Abstract: Based on introducing the overall structure of numerical control system of glass cutting machine, this paper describes the software framework of the system, and gives the design idea of the various modules, then introduces a system application example.
Authors: Juan Wei, Jie Xiao, Hong Wei Ma
Abstract: A system is developed on a 5-axes automatic scanning for ultrasonic test. It is a system with the host-slave and open-loop mode that contains PC and a 5-axes drive card based on single chip microcomputers. The system drives five stepper motors to carry the detector moving paralleling the normal direction of the detected surface to complete the detect task.
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