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Authors: A.A. Kodentsov, M.R. Rijnders, F.J.J. van Loo
Authors: R. Metselaar, A.A. Kodentsov, F.J.J. van Loo
Authors: A.A. Kodentsov, M.J.H. van Dal, Csaba Cserháti, Andriy Gusak, F.J.J. van Loo
Authors: M.R. Rijnders, A.A. Kodentsov, Csaba Cserháti, J. van den Akker, F.J.J. van Loo
Authors: A.A. Kodentsov, F.J.J. van Loo
Abstract: Formation of diffusion zone morphologies periodic in time and space during metalceramic reactions is considered as a manifestation of the Kirkendall effect. In a diffusion-controlled interaction, the Kirkendall marker plane can bifurcate, which is attributed to diverging vacancies fluxes in the reaction zone. When the Kirkendall plane is present in a phase layer, it attracts in situproduced inclusions of “secondary-formed phase”, which, in turn, can result in a highly patterned microstructure.
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