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Authors: Martin Vavro, Kamil Souček, Tomáš Daněk, Lubomír Staš
Abstract: Roofing slate is a traditional natural material for roofing and other construction applications in various types of buildings. The paper deals with both traditional methods of mineralogical-petrographic analysis as well as completely new methods (X-ray CT) rendering fast and reliable determination of qualitative parameters and potential slate durability in building constructions. A mutual combination of the methods represents a rapid, effective and modern alternative to lengthy laboratory tests to determine physical-mechanical properties of newly used roofing, especially in historical buildings.
Authors: Wen Sun Ge, Lian Chen, Long Li, Qian Wen Li, Zheng Hua Huang
Abstract: The SiO2 related phases in the vanadium slag exist in form of orthosilicate matter, the first solidified vanadium-containing phases would be surrounded or wrapped by the last solidified orthosilicate. So the wrapped orthosilicate have to be broken to achieve the extraction of vanadium from vanadium slag, therefore, to study the characteristics of SiO2 related phases in the vanadium slag will offer a practical guidance to understand the phase change of vanadium slag, The free SiO2 phase isn’t generated in the process of vanadium slag production in this paper by means of combination of vanadium slag compositions, petrographic analysis, Scanning electron microscopy -energy spectrum analysis (SEM-EDS) with the phase diagram of MgO-SiO2-FeO-CaO pseudo-ternary system calculated by Factsage, and SiO2 is mostly present in the olivine and pyroxene minerals.
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