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Authors: Xia Li Sun, Qing Zhang, Shu Yan
Abstract: An active phase conjugation circuit of retrodirective array which can be used in UHF band (890-960MHz) has been designed. Circuit of the retrodirective array consists of filters, mixers, dividers and other microwave devices. In this paper, microstrip filters and mixers are primarily designed. Divided matching circuit will be designed appropriate on the basis of the antenna element. Filters consist of microstrip coupled lines to conform with microstrip antenna arrays; to suppress the effect of RF input signals to output transmitted signals, selecting the image-rejection mixers. Simulation results of ADS show that all of the designed active devices display good performances.
Authors: D.M. Pepper, P.V. Mitchell, G.J. Dunning, S.W. McCahon, M.B. Klein, T.R. O'Meara
Authors: Hong Xin Zhang, Xiao Xi Xu
Abstract: Wavefront correction plays significant role in some fields like astronomical observation, laser processing and medical imaging, etc. Liquid crystal spatial light modulator ( LC SLM) is an ideal device for high-resolution wavefront correction because of its low cost, low consumption, large number of pixels and independent programming control of each unit. It is researched experimentally that LC SLM is used as a wavefront correction device and corrects arbitrary wavefront aberration. Wavefront correction is performed based on phase conjugation and periodic phase modulation with modulo-2π. The experimental results show that the PV value of the irregular wavefront aberration is 1.56λ, RMS value is 0.25 and Strehl ratio is 0.08 before correction, but the PV value of the residual aberration is reduced to 0.26λ, RMS value is 0.02 and Strehl ratio is increased to 0.97 which is approximated diffraction limit after correction. It is proved to be feasible and effective that LC SLM is used to the high-precision and high-resolution wavefront correction.
Authors: S.B. Mirov, A.Yu. Dergachev, V.B. Fleurov, V.A. Konyushkin
Authors: G.A. Melkov, A.N. Olijnyk, A.A. Serga, A.N. Slavin, V.S. Tiberkevich
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