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Authors: Zhi Ning Jia, Cai Zhe Hao, Xiang Yu Liu, Long Wang
Abstract: A detailed study on the calculating of planar mechanism degree of freedom-including gear pair was carried out in detail. By the analysis of the basis concept of constraint, the constraint type of bogus higher pair was introduced. Based on the constraint type, the classical Grübler-Kutzbach formula of planar mechanism degree of freedom is beyond doubt. In addition, the correct-ness and practicality the method for the calculation of the freedom of planer mechanism was proved. It is believed that the work will provided instructive guidance for the calculating of planar mecha-nism degree of freedom and design of planar gear-link mechanism.
Authors: Deng Feng Zhao, Guo Ying Zeng
Abstract: Based on the group theory and the complex division method, the dimension classified method for planar multi-loop mechanism was analyzed. Firstly, the dimension classified inequation was derived from the singularity of constraint equation of the mechanism. Subsequently, by using the classified inequation, the complex division method of the structure-parameter-space was explored. By using the mechanism symmetry group, the simplification method of the division results was analyzed. Finally, by using an example, the classified methods were validated. The results show that all information about mechanism classification are included in the division results. Besides, this method is appropriate for complicated mechanism classification by computer.
Authors: Ján Vavro, Ján Vavro, Petra Kováčiková, Radka Bezdedová
Abstract: The paper presents a kinematic and dynamic analysis of a planar mechanism by means of the Cosmos Motion 2.85 program. Graphic dependence of kinematic and dynamic magnitudes of some points is given in dependence on the angle of rotation of the driving item and on the time.
Authors: Păun Antonescu, Viorica Veliscu, Tanta Catalina Robu
Abstract: The curve line translation motion can be generated in the particular form of the circular translation, through mono-mobile mechanisms with articulated links of simple parallelogram type (with a fixed side) or through transmission with toothed belt with a fixed wheel. Also, the circular translation can be generated through planar mechanisms with two cylindrical gears with a fixed central wheel. It is mentioned that the two cylindrical gearings of the Fergusson mechanisms are both exterior and interior.
Authors: Rui Jun Zhang, Qing Xuan Jia, Liu Meng, Ji Wei Qiu
Abstract: A kind of accuracy sensitivity analysis and numerical simulation method about the mechanism kinematic is proposed for the purpose of getting the reliability sensitivity of the planar mechanism. Combining with the reliability sensitivity analysis method and the computer simulation technology, this method is on the basis of the research of the kinematics equations and the mechanism kinematic accuracy model. Taking the kinematic accuracy sensitivity analysis of the planar four-bar mechanism as an example, the results verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the method.
Authors: Xian Zhen Huang, Yi Min Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, a practical technique for system reliability evaluation of kinematic performance of planar linkages with correlated failure modes is proposed. Taylor series expansion is utilized to derive a general expression of the kinematic performance errors caused by random design variables. A practical limit state function for reliability analysis of the kinematic performance of planar linkages corresponding to different failure models is established. Through the reliability theory and the linear programming method the upper and lower bounds of the system reliability of planar mechanisms are provided.
Authors: Xiao Jiang Li, Ying Xi, Xing Wang
Abstract: This article introduces the solving principle of equation of motion and reaction of kinematic pair of RPR group, in a self-developed system for the analysis and design of mechanism,(which is called MAD for short). It takes guide-bar mechanism as an example to introduce the constructing process of mechanism in MAD system, and exports the calculating results as curves.
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