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Authors: Hong She Dang, Chen Xie, Sai Sai Gao
Abstract: According to actual control requirements, broadcast transmitter control system is designed with PLC as the core controller. The system hardware design is described and the software design is introduced in detail based on integrated development environment. Transmitter control system functions are realized. And the system can not only meet all the control requirements, but also has a powerful remote control ability and human-computer interaction with good reliability and real-time after the laboratory test and field test.
Authors: Xi Zhang, Dong Yan, Qiang Wang, Qi Bing Lv
Abstract: The gluing control system designed for production plants to manufacture flap-disks was investigated using programmable logic controller (PLC) and servo. The system has been mainly developed to achieve efficient gluing for the back cover. It is implemented by a PLC, a human-machine interface (HMI), a positioning module and sensors, as well as servo amplifiers and motors. Issues was discussed in this paper, such as connection of the hardware, working mechanism design, capacity selection of servo motors, high-speed and uniform gluing, means of pre-opening and delayed-shutoff for the needle valve and etc. Hardware and software was developed for the system and high-precision gluing was achieved. The device has been provided for industrial applications, which has greatly improved the production quality and efficiency.
Authors: Jian Bing Han, Shi Zhe Liu, Ping Li, Zong Yao Yao, Jin Cang Mi
Abstract: The PLC-based tension training system consists of three-phase asynchronous motors, programmable logic controllers (PLC), inverters, touch screen and sensor. Taking PLC as the controller, the system uses two sets of three-phase asynchronous motors to complete the delivery and winding of fibers, uses two inverters respectively to control the operation of the motors, and measures the fiber tension through tension sensor, and then feeds back the result to the PLC. Besides, by the touch screen control interface design, the system can achieve single motors inching, winding, and unwinding, two motors simultaneous operation and other operation modes. PID, fuzzy PID, genetic algorithm based PID and other algorithms can be used in the tests of the system. The PLC-based tension training system is of great help for enhancing the hands-on ability of college students or junior technical staff.
Authors: Yi Lei Huang, Guang Xun Wang, Han Chao He, Jing Zhang
Abstract: The set of automatic detection device for the parts missing of the roller chains rollers and sleeves is based on the displacement transfer theory of the lever mechanism and combined with the integration of PLC control. The levers one end is the detection head close to the roller chain and the other end is the induction head, its support is placed on the base. Sensor puts the induction information into the PLC, and then the PLC make the Synthetic judgment to control the chains drive mechanism to slow down and marking on the places that have missing some parts on time. Its a device has high reliability and high efficiency, which can realize auto-running to replace manual check perfectly.
Authors: Yu Kui Wang, Qin Hai Xie, Bo Zhu, Zhen Long Wang
Abstract: In this paper, a simplified CNC system based on PLC and position controller is introduced. The position controller FX2N-20GM, is a pulse chain output unit, which can control motors to accomplish linear interpolation and circular interpolation. PLC,with the mode of FX2N-16MR, the logic control unit of system, reads position data from the position controller and determines the operation of the system. Labwindows/CVI,the configuration software on PC, is the upper monitoring system, showing the motors position in real time by monitoring PLC. The system, combined PLC , position controller and configuration software, can draw any kinds of two dimensional graphics and show the trajectory of motors on PC in real time, the linear interpolation and circular interpolation had been perfectly implemented by a series of experiments. Compared with classic CNC system, it did not contain tedious hardware wring or complex software programming, which makes the whole structure a simplified CNC system.
Authors: Liang Han, Shi Chang Fu, Hui Hui Hong
Abstract: Bladder irrigation is one of the effective measures of prevention and control of urinary tract infection in patients with long-term indwelling catheter. Based on traditional artificial bladder irrigation technology, this paper presents a kind of intelligent bladder irrigator. The control system of this irrigator includes PLC and touch screen. The irrigator uses weighing sensor to monitor the weight of infusion bag in real time and controls pinch valve to switch the infusion tube. This paper has completed the design of the mechanical structure and control system. Intelligent bladder irrigator can realize the automation of traditional bladder irrigation.
Authors: Kai Jun Chen
Abstract: When bathing in winter, people often feel cold and wet. In order to solve this problem, a new type water heaters combining with the characteristics of atomizer and traditional water heater will be designed, so as to improve the environment temperature of bathroom. In this paper, design of the programmable controller which is applied to this new type of water heater is introduced, and the control principles of the atomizing heating process and the whole system are presented in detail. The novel solar water heater based on PLC not only has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, but also works in a reliable way.
Authors: Wei Da Wang, Yu Jin Fan, Teng Han, Zhong Quan Qin, Ai Ran Li, Wei Zhou
Abstract: With the information technology industry continuously developing and the level of industrial automation continuously improving, PLC and touch screen become more common. In this paper, the touch screen as a PC and PLC as the next crew, a CNC punch press dedicated economic CNC system was designed.The relevant procedures and HMI design was completed based on a comprehensive analysis of punch press feature. The Economical CNC system not only has the advantages of simple operation,easy maintenance and good stability but also can reduce the cost and enhance the adaptability of the enterprise market of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.
Authors: Chun Wang, Wen Na Xu
Abstract: The course Mechanical and Electrical Drive Control, which is a compulsory course for the mechanical and electrical engineering in our school, has a strong engineering practicality. A large number of experiments are taken in this course to achieve good teaching effect. By analyzing of the status of PLC experiment links, this paper put forward to control object according to force control configuration software. Practice shows that this new system can meet the requirements of the PLC teaching experiment, which has the characteristics of lowly experimental cost, strongly commonality, easily maintenance and so on.
Authors: Hui Fang Chen
Abstract: This paper takes the automatic control system of controllable pitch propeller in a multipurpose ocean tug as an example to describe the application of the S7-200 series PLC in the control system of 4500 horse power controllable pitch propeller in detail. The principle of control system is addressed, as well as the hardware configuration, the design idea of the main software and control process. The system shows high reliability, accuracy and good control performance in practical in practical running.
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