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Authors: Peng Peng Huang, Jian Fu Chen, Qiang Lei
Abstract: According to the work requirements of a production line of sheet metal handling, using the mechanical design principles and methods, pneumatic technology and PLC control technology for sheet metal handling manipulator research and design, and development a style of automatic handling manipulator meeting the requirements. This article introduced the sheet metal handling manipulator and principles of the basic structure of the hand, pneumatic systems and PLC control system design and analysis. Practice shows that the manipulator has a simple structure, reliable, efficient features, which meet actual production needs.
Authors: Almon Chai, Hudyjaya Siswoyo Jo, Nazim Mir Nasiri
Abstract: This paper presents the design and fabrication of a Window Climbing Robot (WCR), which is a small-scale or miniature robot that is capable of climbing the windows or glass in a vertical motion. While operating in the vertical motion or climbing, the WCR has the capabilities in performing tasks such as cleaning, inspection, surveillance and maintenance. The WCR can perform these duties without the need of actual human intervention. The robot is able to operate autonomously with the aid of sensors. The robot can be placed onto the surfaces such as glass using the pneumatic-system with suction-power provided by eight suction-cups. The double-belting gear driving mechanism moving the robot is shown and explained. The pneumatic-based suction system is illustrated and the fabricated prototype of the robot is also shown in this paper.
Authors: Man Quan Zhao, Yue Qin Liu, Yong Wen Hu
Abstract: The seed adsorption disk is an important component of the seed metering device. The differences in size and shape of suction hole on the adsorption disk result in variation of the airflow field formed. A finite element analysis of airflow field for the suction holes of different size and shape was conducted in this paper. The two dimensional simulation of airflow field for different shaped suction hole under the condition of identical bore diameter and air pressure difference reveals that the average airflow velocity inside the different shape of suction holes are the highest one in cylindrical hole and the lowest in tapered hole, the airflow speed at inlet opening of three different suction hole does not vary evidently. Both the result of airflow field two dimensional finite element analysis of different bore diameter suction hole and its proof under the condition of the shape of suction holes and air pressure difference being identical reveal that with the bore diameter being enlarged, the airflow speed inside the suction hole increases in comparison of the airflow speed field for three different suction holes of different bore diameter. To enlarge the bore diameter of suction hole and expand the adsorption surface area of the seed will result in the airflow rate and airflow speed getting higher and the adsorption function on the seed growing stronger.
Authors: Rares Ciprian Mîndru, Vistrian Maties, Ciprian Lapusan, Ioan Adrian Cosma
Abstract: The paper proposes a large approach to pneumatic systems starting from the mathematical laws, written in the form of differential equations, which govern the operation of pneumatic systems and continuing with the simulation model. The concept of integrated design includes all approaches, needed for an optimal and deep system understanding, such as modeling, simulation and control. Pneumatic actuators have a nonlinear functionality because of air compressibility, the existing frictions and the valves nonlinearities. Because of these, they are used in high speed applications and simple positioning systems. Thus, the mathematical analyses of pneumatic systems have received a special attention. The differential equations were implemented in Matlab Simulink, and the model input represents the voltage on the electromagnetic valve, and the output seen on the "scope" represents the movement of the piston pneumatic axis. Some control algorithms are implemented and applied to the model and seen the basic differences.
Authors: Li Chao Wang, Xiao Dong Wang
Abstract: Artificial muscle is a new style of actuator with novel working principle, which owns the advantages of compact structure, high power-to-weight ratio, compliance and easy application. Pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM) is usually used in robotics, medical auxiliaries and other small force output occasions nowadays. However, it suffers problems of small power, hysteresis and poor repeatability. A kind of artificial muscle working at high pressure was researched. Different muscle styles are compared and MicKibben structure is selected while fluid media is determined. Furthermore, factors of geometry and material properties, which limit the ultimate pressure, are analyzed. Formulas and simulations verify the influence of limitation and help to calculate key parameters of 18MPa artificial muscle. Data show that it is possible in theory to design high pressure artificial muscle by overall consideration of initial diameter, initial contraction angle and material properties, initial length only influent the stroke.
Authors: Wei Wei
Abstract: Traditional water test method has the advantage of locating leaks can be found, the disadvantage is inefficient manual detection, labor-intensive, can not be automated testing. By analyzing pneumatic and PLC control were introduced, pneumatic system of the detection device was designed, combined with operation process of the pneumatic circuit PLC control system was designed. Through the PLC control solenoid valve opening and closing, thereby control the implementing agencies of the pneumatic circuit, the device complete each course of action to achieve the test. Application of the system has maintained the advantages of the water detection assay, achieved a semi-automated detection, increased the detection efficiency, reduced labor intensity, and easy to operate.
Authors: Wang Yu, Jue Pu, Jun Rong Ye, Qian Kun Li
Abstract: The characteristics of switches have great influence on the performance of power tools. A test platform was designed and developed to test the performance of variable speed control switches in power tools, in which 3 kinds of modes can be conducted, i.e., life cycle test, lock rotor test and current step test. The test results showed that the platform was feasible, and very helpful for understanding and furthermore improving the characteristics of switches during different working situations.
Authors: B.N. Prashanth, V. Karthik, S. Karthikeyan, P. Raviteja
Abstract: Drain cleaning is often considered as a simple task, but it might not be so always. Many industries function smoothly by constantly dumping the waste, toxic chemicals, biodegradable products frequently in the drains, which results in clogging of drains thus preventing the water flow from the pipes. Around 800 men die because of drain cleaning every year in India. Maintaining, cleaning and resolving the issues of drainage systems have been a severe issue in the surrounding environment where, labors are used without any protective measures. Increase in the laborers deaths has been a major concern in cleaning the drainage blockages. Moreover, identifying the blockage within the drainage system is a time consuming and TDS task. Also, the machines available are very expensive. Thus, a system has to be introduced where humans are not insisted for cleaning the drainage blockages and its maintenance. In view of above, present project is aimed at development of a slender and powerful system to inspect the pipe and disintegrate it to clear the blockage in the pipe.
Authors: Wei Min Yang, Shu Xia Zhao, Peng Fei Zheng, Zhong Xing Lou
Abstract: The central shaft of floor strainer are composed of two semicircle shafts, which is made manually now. An automatic drilling machine is researched in this paper, which can sequence and feed workpiece, positioning automatically and feed automatically when drilling. The sequencing and feeding are implemented by vibration disk. The automatic positioning is implemented by Index Man and positioning disc. The feeding mechanism is executed by pneumatic device and its control system.
Authors: Guang Zhen Cheng, Yuan Bo Cheng
Abstract: Based on working flow and control demand for figuration machine of the grinding material, a work process sketch map is drawn. According to the logic design method and step of electrical control circuitry, a logic relation chart can be finished. Considering basic logic adaptable condition of relay expression, operation component work zone must be arranged reasonably and operation component logic expression must be expressed clearly and then the operation component logic expression can be ultimately converted into equivalent electrical control circuit diagram so as to realize control requirements.
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