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Authors: Huai Lin Zhao, Jian Ling Bian, Jian Jiang, Wei Ming Ji
Abstract: A humanoid robot arm with both shoulder joint and elbow joint is built. It is actuated by pieces of Mckibben muscles. Its skeleton-muscle formation is similar to the anatomical structure of the human arm. A pneumatic experiment system is established for supporting and testing the robot arm. The relationship between the robot arm actions and the Mckibben muscles is studied. Some main actions of the robot arm including the elbow bending, the whole arm arising and the rotating around the arm axis are realized.
Authors: Bao Jiang Chen, Tian Zi Ge, Jian Zhi Wang
Abstract: In order to improve the productivity of the filing form materials continuously and automatically packaged line, the control methods for the manipulator and the mechanism which has the capacity of weight self-measuring and auto–filling to the packaged material were studied. The manipulator is a pneumatic control system, it is consists of three pneumatic cylinder circuits to implement the horizontal movements, vertical movements and the activities of picking up or putting down the materials on line. The material to be picked up by manipulator was weighed and displayed by a single chip microcomputer. The general control function of the system was carried out by a PLC unit. The structure changeable type of simulating human being intelligence control methods resulting in the real observing at the objective changes were studied and implemented to achieve the plant high in positioning accuracy and fast in response speed. The experiments were realized and the results showed that the working period time is less than 5.8s,the weight variation measured by single chip microcomputer is not more than 2 grams in 300 grams.
Authors: Xiao Ming Sheng, Lei Liu, Yun Qing Xu
Abstract: Workpiece placing and removing for stretcher operated by hand have low precision, low efficiency and poor security. The workpiece automatic placing and removing manipulator of stretcher driven by pneumatic is introduced in this paper,in which two control methods: electric-pneumantic control and PLC program control are advanced to realize stepless speed regulation, overload protection and to complete complex actions easily. The design shows the advantages such as simple structure, low cost, easy to operate and maintenance, high efficiency and reliability, which can also improve safety, reduce the labor intensity, ensure product quality and process stability.
Authors: Ju Ying Luo, Quan Gang Li, Xiao Feng Wu, Ke Sheng Xu, Xi Ming Cao, Shi Fang Li
Abstract: This paper described the importance of industrialized grow seedlings. In order to realize the modern factory forestry development request, precision seeder is the very key part of mechanized seedling production line. Based on the related work requirements of seedling production line, we have designed pneumatic system of precision seeder, analyzed the principle and selected suitable components of pneumatic device. This paper provides a theory basis for the further research.
Authors: Tao Shi, Shu Dong Xiu, Yang He
Abstract: This study designs an automatic outside wrapping machine of sewing thread barrel according to analysis of manual outside wrapping technology and principle on sewing thread barrel. And it makes a design and development towards the mechanical, pneumatic and control systems of this machine. It brings positive significance for the improvements of productive effect of textile enterprises by verifying various functions with the packaging test developed by the packing production line of sewing thread bar.
Authors: De Zhi Ren, Yu Guang Guo, Li Ping Xu
Abstract: For improving assembly quality and automation of electric connectors, a solution of automatic assembly is discussed in this paper. With the machinery vision system, defects of the parts to be assembled can be real-time surveyed. By using the complex image recognition technology, the recognizing accuracy and reliability can be achieved. The designs of NC dividing head and smart positioning unit can make the process of transmission and assembly more perfect and effective. The optimal design of the mechanical structure has been made by virtual prototype technology. The designs of PLC control system and pneumatic system which are used in the automatic assembly machine have also been discussed. The control strategies of assembling process are quite challenges. The control profile of three stages has been used in the pressing assembly process, which can punch the parts assembled properly and smoothly without any surface damage. Also the application shows that the design is effective.
Authors: Hong Jie Chang, Yi Ping Yang, Yan Fang Yue, Guang Yang
Abstract: This paper introduces the craft process and work principle of the quartz crystal tin dipping machine, and pays attention to elaborate the design content of pneumatic system and control system. The equipments control cores are Siemens small size PLC and industrial touch screen, and selects air cylinder and micro motor as the main executive components, which can guarantee the facilities reliability and flexibility, have strong anti-interference capability. Through long-term spot application, it indicates this tin dipping machine has stable operation, low failure rate and flexible and convenient operation.
Authors: Xin Ju Zhang, Zhao Min Yang, Song Lin Yang
Abstract: There are three work posts in this warm extruder: upsetting station, backward extrusion station and blanking station. They work continuously. The manipulator is mainly used to passing artifacts from one station to another. The warm extrusion forming process manipulator for steel connecting sleeve typically was designed to reduce labor intensity and enhance production automation level. The machines structure and working principle were described. In the same time, some pneumatic circuits and pneumatic control circuits of the manipulator were designed, so the manipulator can have automatic voltage regulating function and run smoothly. Practices show that the strapping machine has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, low cost and small vibrating noise.
Authors: N. Gayathri, V.K. Shanmuganathan, K.G. Karthigayan, S. Manesh Kumar
Abstract: Energy is an important aspect in our day to day life. It is important to save energy wherever possible that to electric energy. We are suffering from electric energy crisis now-a-days. In order to save electric energy alternate system is chosen and it is implemented which would save electric energy. Wasting energy for supplementary or supporting works like machine door opening and closing considered as uneconomical. Energy consuming system consumes lot of energy for supporting works. In this energy saving concept two different types of system can be coupled to work as a single system which would save much energy than before. Our concept discusses about the same. Energy wastage for operating CNC machine door is taken for consideration in our work and analysis has been done on it. A new hydraulic operating system is proposed to overcome the difficulties.
Authors: Wei Sun, Guo Xiang Meng, Qian Ye, Wen Hua Xie
Abstract: Tubing plugging often occurs and brings some difficulties to industrial production. This paper proposes a simple pneumatic impactor which can instantaneously generate great acceleration by a reservoir to shock and smash calcium monohydrate bonding in the tubing inwall. The working principle and the mathematical model of the impactor are introduced in detail. In order to obtain its dynamic characteristic, the simulation is performed. The results show that during the movement of the piston back pressure occurs due to the outlet chamber squeezed by the piston with a high speed, and with inlet pressure increasing positions of the piston with different peak velocities are almost the same. This impactor can be used to unplug tubings in oil or gas well.
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