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Authors: Hua Qiu, A. Kubo, Zi Ye Li, Chao Lin
Abstract: This paper proposes an optimal interpolation approach to generate cutter paths in the form of polar coordinate for machining noncircular contours. The cutter path obtained with the approach consists of a series of Archimedes’ spiral segments and the number of segments is the fewest under the condition that the interpolation error completely satisfies the specified limit value. It can be also evidenced that the profile error of the machined contour due to the cutter path is perfectly controlled within the specified interpolation accuracy limit. The result of applying the approach to the contour machining of a disc cam sufficiently illustrates the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
Authors: Ce Yao, Chun Bo Xiu
Abstract: In order to improve the rotation invariant property of the conventional template matching method, a novel template matching based on the polar coordinate was proposed. The origin of the polar coordinate was at the center of the template. And the matching result was central symmetry, which made the method have the translation and rotation invariant properties simultaneously. The recognition process was divided into two phased. In the first phase, gray information was used to complete matching calculation, and some candidate points were selected according to the matching result. In the second phase, edge strong matching of candidate points was completed. The candidate point, where the sum of gray matching value and edge strong matching value was minimal, was determined as the best matching point. Experiments results show that this method can meet the real-time requirement of the TV tracking system.
Authors: Xu Juan Miao, Xiao Fei Li
Abstract: A new template matching algorithm based on polar coordinate is proposed to improve the performance of the tracking system. The shape of the matching template is round, and the pixels in the template and the matching area are arranged into circle, which can ensure the rotation invariance of the method. Some differential matching information is added into the matching criterion function, which makes the method have higher recognition precision. In the long time target tracking process, template updating operation is adopted to avoid losing the target. Simulation results prove that the method can be applied in the TV tracking system. Using the same controller, the method has better tracking performance.
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