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Authors: Jin Fu Ding, Ke Hua Zhang, Guang Yi Mei, Fu Jin Yu
Abstract: In order to solve the difficulty of polishing process at present. Polishing posture was analyzed at the contact spot of polishing cutter with work piece in this paper, and how to layout the polishing path and its built method were discussed emphatically, carried out simulation analysis with Mastercam software, and proposed suitable building method of path according to different region using different polishing method. Finally, it is proved that an ideal effect would be achieved.
Authors: Jin Fu Ding, Guang Yi Mei, Ke Hua Zhang, Fu Jin Yu
Abstract: In order to improve the surface quality and machining efficiency for mold polishing. Digital automatic Polishing is a good method, MasterCAM is the software that often is used for CAM machining, path layout and building method are emphasized according to the MasterCam’s curved surface processing path setting method, and aimed at the different curved surface use different polishing path building method, at last, the rationality of the polishing path building was validated.
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