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Authors: Yan Xu, He Xu, Yan Tao Wang, X.Z. Gao, Kai Xue
Abstract: Rapid and automatic extraction of pollutants is of great importance for mobile camera in real-world scenarios. In the moving process of robot, the camera is treated as dynamic background, and the pollutants on the camera are treated as static target. So as to realize the detection of static target in dynamic scene, this paper presents an automatic extraction algorithm for pollutants based on frame difference accumulation. Firstly, this algorithm can determine whether pollutants exist or not by the overall trend of gray histogram of the cumulative frame difference images. And then if existing pollutants, Otsu algorithm was adopted to adaptively calculate threshold to convert the gray image into binary image. In this paper, analysis of the important parameters of the algorithm - cumulative frame number and frame difference threshold was implemented. Moreover, feasibility of the algorithm was verified by experiments on the automatic extraction of pollutants for gun-type camera.
Authors: Wei Wei Du, Qing Qing Yue, Ying Wang, Ya Ning Xu, Jian Qing Wang
Abstract: The main objective was to develop a technique by high performance liquid chromatography to study migration of contamination from packaging material of three samples of paper cups with different properties. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and benzophenone (BP), which are the most commonly used in paper packaging material, are regarded as stimulant of contamination, alcohol is selected as food stimulant.The obtained data indicated that migration has a relationship with the type of contamination,concentration of food stimulant.Analysed by1stOptsoftware with experimental result, the rule of migration of DBP and BP can be studied.
Authors: Xian En Wang, Du Feng Li, Wen Jin Zhao, Yu Li
Abstract: As the rapid development of Chinese economy, the total energy consumption and pollutant emission increased increasingly, which lead to a terrible situation in energy safety and environmental pollution. In the meantime, the greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollutants (such as SO2, NOx and NH3-N) generated by energy consumption increased, and the above pollutions had brought a substantial negative impact on global climate change and low-carbon economy (LCE) development. This paper analyzed the situation of energy consumption in China, and revealed the significance of total energy consumption. Energy consumption control based on LCE theory was the effective protection measure of national resources and energy security, and could promote the economic development and adjustment of industrial structure, which was investigated from three aspects expressed as three allocation models in the article. The results indicated that, energy consumption control can promote development of LCE by protecting eco-environment and sustaining security of energy and resources, and supporting steady development of our society by minimizing the utilization of energy, and the above aspects would be the key points in control of total energy consumption and pollutant emission during the 12th Five-Year Planning in China.
Authors: Stelian Tarulescu, Corneliu Cofaru, Radu Tarulescu
Abstract: This paper presents a study regarding the emissions caused by the running of a cold engine and studies the influence of the four-stroke gasoline engine’s temperature on CO2, CO, HC emissions. Experimental research has been done for three light vehicles equipped with a 1390 cm3 Renault spark ignition engines. Several test have been made under different temperature conditions by using a BEA Emission Analyser - Bosch. The experimental data have shown that the engine’s temperature has an influence on CO2, CO, HC emissions. The results show that the highest pollutants values are recorded for low exhaust gases temperature and for cold engine’s running regime.
Authors: Zhi Ping Li, Ya Jing Li, Xin Yi Li
Abstract: In this paper Yuan River was taken as an example of the southern river, and Taizi River was an example of the northern river. Based on the contents of ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and COD in the sediments, the distribution of pollutants in the sediments along the Yuan River and Taizi River were analyzed; When the pollutant contents of individual sections were particularly higher, the pollution sources were studied; Through the contrast of pollutants contents in sediments between Yuan River and Taizi River, the contents of Taizi River were higher 2-5 times than Yuan River. Then the causes were summarized from temperature,hydrological condition, discharge of industrial and domestic wastewater and sand contents.
Authors: R. Leticia Corral Bustamante, Evelyn M. Rodríguez Corral, José Nino Hernández Magdaleno, Gilberto Irigoyen Chávez
Abstract: In this paper it is presented a mathematical model in the context of physics/transport/diffusion/dispersion about a contaminant that is a product of wood fiber cooking in a pulp cellulose plant, which is currently being thrown in a lagoon that does not have any water treatment process. The objective is improving the environmental conditions prevailing according to an environmental technology program of water treatment process required by the Government of Mexico through regulations and certifications in water treatment industries, and the prediction of the involvement of the contaminant in fishes from the Lagoon.
Authors: Pei Long Xu, Na Na, Lei Shang
Abstract: Juvenile turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) were exposed to acaricide fenpyroximate, and the subsequent histological, enzyme activity changes of liver tissue were examined. Histopathological examinations showed that the turbot liver is the target organ for the acaricide fenpyroximate. Analysis of liver antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and glutathione peroxidase (GPX), in the exposed turbots also showed similar changes. These changes indicated that fenpyroximate caused the oxidative stress on the turbot liver, which induced the damage of antioxidant enzymes system and possible interruption of the mitochondrial redox respiratory chain. This could be one toxic mechanism of fenpyroximate to the juvenile turbot.
Authors: Cheng Chen, Zhong Bo Yu, Long Xiang, Jia Ji He, Xiao Lei Fu
Abstract: Precipitation-runoff partitioning of small basins plays an important role in the non-point pollution study. This study analyzes the contribution of precipitation and rainfall intensity in a basin scale to pollutants(e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus) migration by monitoring rainfall and runoff responses in Meilin watershed. According to the field data, the concentration of nitrogen keeps an increasing trend with the increase of rainfall amount, while phosphorus seems not so evident. Intense rainfall has a fierce scouring effect on the pollutants which have a large using amount such as total nitrogen in the steep experimental field, thus leading to a sudden decrease of pollutant concentration. After the intensity is weakened, pollutant concentration gradually goes up due to the dissolving effect of runoff.
Authors: Henrieta Pavolová, Adriana Csikósová, Katarína Čulková, Mária Antošová
Abstract: The qualitative condition and development of the environment in the Košice region is clearly affected by any activity within social development. Anthropogenic activities, especially in the manufacturing industry, negatively impact on the individual components of the environment in particular emissions of contaminants into air, water, soil and rock environment, also due to accidents, waste production and also by remote of agricultural land. It should be noted that among various components of the environment are very tight feedback and mutually influence each other and therefore any decrease in quality of one component as a result of contaminants introduction leading to disruption of ecological balance is automatically reflected in other components of the environment. Increasing the intensity of anthropogenic activities is taking place on one side an increase of environmental burdens through the issuance of a wide range of contaminating substances and exploitation through natural resources which is a manifestation of deterioration of the productivity of the country, of its hygienic and aesthetic values, and on the other side increase in economies may foster environmental protection to finance any corrective measures or to help prevent pollution by using more environmental technologies. The paper deals with the evolution and analysis of the mentioned problems within the Košice region.
Authors: De Li Chen, Run Qing Yang, Tian Zhu Li, Li Long Yan, Xiao Hui Wang, Ying Zhang, Ying Jie Dai
Abstract: In this study, the mechanism of accumulation of pollutants into living body and defense from health damage were elucidated. Based on the obtained knowledge in this program, the innovative methodology and new functional materials for purification and the restoration were developed. Through these activities, the sustainable understanding and trust about the pollution issuse were established. Six research projects were expected by the fusion of the results. We had investigated the environments around waterfowls which come flying mutually, and the concentration of pollutants in water, soil, fold in wet land and also in waterfowl were measured cooperatively and the accumulation mechanism were clarified. The microchip electrochemistry assay method is developed and applied to actual environments. New materials and methodologies based on the konwledge of the mechanism of accumulation and the defense from health damage were developed.
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