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Authors: Peter J. Wellmann, Katja Konias, Philip Hens, Rainer Hock, Andreas Magerl
Abstract: This work reports on the in-situ observation of a polytype switch during physical vapor transport (PVT) growth of bulk SiC crystals by x-ray diffraction. A standard PVT reactor for 2” and 3” bulk growth was set up in a high-energy x-ray diffraction lab. Due to the high penetration depth of the high-energy x-ray beam no modification of the PVT reactor was necessary in order to measure Laue diffraction patterns of the growing crystal with good signal to noise ratio. We report for the first time upon the in-situ observation of polytype switching during SiC bulk PVT growth.
Authors: Wei Huang, Hui Jun Guo, Xi Liu, Xue Chao Liu, Yan Qing Zheng, Jian Hua Yang, Er Wei Shi
Abstract: A competitive lattice model was developed for the Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulation of the competition of 4H and 6H polytypes in SiC crystal growth based on the on-lattice model. In the competitive lattice model, site positions are fixed at the perfect crystal lattice positions without any adjustment of the site positions. The effect of surface steps was investigated, and behavior similar to step-controlled homoepitaxy was observed in KMC simulation of PVT grown SiC. Maintaining the step growth mode is an important factor to maintain a stable single polytype during SiC growth.
Authors: C. Raffy, L. Magaud, Elisabeth Blanquet, Michel Pons, A. Pasturel
Authors: Roland Weingärtner, Matthias Bickermann, Dieter Hofmann, Michael Rasp, Thomas L. Straubinger, Peter J. Wellmann, Albrecht Winnacker
Authors: Tim Batten, Olga Milikofu
Abstract: Raman spectroscopy is a well established non-destructive tool for determining crystal polytypes, strain/stress, electronic properties and material quality in SiC. Here we report on the application of ultrafast Raman imaging to a SiC wafer, allowing 870,908 spectra to be collected from a 2 inch 4H-SiC wafer, in 75 minutes. Analysis of the acquired data enabled us to locate and investigate defects and surface contamination and also allowed stress in the wafer to be characterised.
Authors: Anne Henry, Alexsandre Ellison, Urban Forsberg, Björn Magnusson, G.R. Pozina, Erik Janzén
Authors: Taro Nishiguchi, Sohei Okada, Makato Sasaki, Hiroshi Harima, Shigehiro Nishino
Authors: Kazutoshi Kojima, Keiko Masumoto, Sachiko Ito, Akiyo Nagata, Hajime Okumura
Abstract: We have investigated key factors for controlling the polytype and surface morphology of 4H-SiC homoepitaxial growth on less than 4o off-axis substrates. In addition, we characterized the crystal quality and surface quality of the epitaxial layer of an entire 3-inch vicinal off angled substrate. The results suggested that the control of surface free energy, control of the vicinal off angle itself, and high temperature growth, is highly important in controlling the surface morphology and polytype stability of the epitaxial layer grown on a vicinal off angled substrate. We also obtained a high-quality epitaxial layer grown on a 3-inch vicinal off angle substrate, which was comparable to those on 4o off-axis substrates.
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