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Authors: Bo Qiu, Zhi Hong Jin
Abstract: Dock congestion has been becoming increasingly troublesome problem in some regional hub ports in China, resulting in additional operational costs to feeder line shipping companies. To reduce the waiting times at the hub and to lower the operational cost, some companies place a pontoon close to the hub port as floating container terminal to berth smaller containerships. We discuss the justification for setting pontoons close to the hub from the viewpoint of a shipping company, propose a berthing decision model and describe a modified genetic algorithm to optimize the process. Simulation tests show that pontoon setting and rational scheduling can greatly alleviate congestion at the regional hub.
Authors: Youn Ju Jeong, Young Jun You, Yoon Koog Hwang
Abstract: In this study, in order to verify wave induced buoyancy effects by wave conditions of wave height and period, experimental studies were conducted to the floating structures of pontoon type. A series of small-scale tests with various wave cases were performed to the pontoon models. Two small-scale pontoon models having different bottom details were fabricated and tested under the five different wave cases. Six hydraulic pressure gauges were attached on the bottom of pontoon models and wave induced hydraulic pressure was measured during the tests. Finally, hydraulic pressure subjected to the bottom of pontoon models were compared with each other. As the results of this study, it was found that wave induced hydraulic pressures at bottom were dependent on the wave period as well as wave height, and waffled bottom shape hardly influenced on wave induced hydraulic pressure.
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