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Authors: Kouhei Yamada, Makoto Saito, H. Suzuki, Ikuzo Kanazawa
Abstract: We have discussed the origin of the attractive interactions between like charged ions in the liquid phase, by using the theoretical formula, which explains an anomalous diffusion mechanism of positrons in the liquid phase. It is suggested strongly that the attractive interactions are attributed to exchange interactions of the massive gauge fields between like charged ions.
Authors: T.E.M. Staab, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg
Authors: Alberto Somoza, R. Romero, A. Dupasquier
Authors: D.T. Britton, D. Gxawu, A. Hempel, Marie France Barthe, L. Henry, P. Desgardin, C. Corbel, W. Bauer-Kugelmann, Peter Sperr, Gottfried Kögel, Werner Triftshäuser
Authors: T. Staab, Ch. Hübner, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, H.S. Leipner, W. Zeiger, B. Vetter
Authors: Y. Tabuki, Long Wei, Shoichiro Tanigawa, K. Hinode, Naoto Kobayashi, T. Onai, N. Owada
Authors: N. de Diego, J. del Río, A. Dupasquier, P. Folegati, Alberto Somoza, M. Valli
Authors: J. Jiang, Xin Zhu Zhou, C.W. Lung
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