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Authors: Tomohide Haraguchi, Fuminobu Hori, Ryuichiro Oshima, Mineo Kogachi
Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Jing Yang Wang, Liang Yue Xiong, Gang Liu
Authors: Taras Kolodiazhnyi, Andrew Younker, Pawel Malysz, Peter Mascher
Authors: H. Li, J.Y. Ke, J.B. Pang, Bo Wang, Z. Wang
Abstract: Defects induced by electron irradiation in Te-doped liquid-encapsulated Czochralski–grown GaSb were studied by the positron lifetime spectroscopy. The lifetime measurements under room temperature indicated there were VGa-related defects with a characteristic lifetime of 298 ps in the heavily Te-doped as-grown GaSb samples. The average lifetime increased with the increase of irradiation dose in lightly Te-doped GaSb,but the behavior was opposite in the heavily Te-doped samples. It should be due to the shift of Fermi level in heavily Te-doped GaSb and the occurrence of gallium vacancies in different charge states. In the temperature dependence measurements carried out on heavily Te-doped samples, we observed positron shallow trap, and this shallow trap should be attributed to positrons forming hyrogenlike Rydberg states with GaSb antisite defects.
Authors: X.H. Li, P. Moser, Masafumi Akamatsu, Jean-Claude Van Duysen
Authors: M. Mohsen, Ehsan. A.H. Gomaa, H. Schut, A. van Veen
Authors: V. Gröger, T. Geringer, W. Pichl, Gerhard Krexner, I. Novotný, Ivan Procházka
Authors: W. Qiu, F.X. Gan, Li Gang Yao, Sven Odendahl
Authors: A.P. Huang, C.C. Ling, S. Fung, C.D. Beling, C.W.H. Lam, Chun Yi Chung
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