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Authors: Xiao Mei Sha, Zu Hua Fang, Ying Sun, Kang Wang, Geng Juan Guo, Xue Feng Ye, Hong Bing Xu
Abstract: The real-time measurement and control of clean-energy power parameters provides a reliable platform for the performance test, a working state simulation of clean-energy power system and effective supports for the reasonable design of clean-energy power system. The whole measurement and control system is controlled by PLC and monitored by Kingview software. While mainly controlling the voltage and electric quantity of storage battery and motor speed, PLC is responsible for Modbus communication between the storage battery management system, the motor controller, the dynamometer controller and the industrial personal computer, Kingview is used for the real-time measurement and the controlling of system power parameters. The test shows that the measurement and control system is stable and reliable.
Authors: L.G. Guo, He Yang
Abstract: During cold ring rolling process, the accurate prediction and analysis of force and power parameters, including roll force (RF) and roll moment (RM), is important in selecting, designing and developing the forming rolls and cold ring rolling mills. In this paper, a three-dimensional elastic-plastic dynamic explicit FE model of cold ring rolling process has been presented and validated in terms of roll force and geometry development. Based on the model, the variation laws of force and power parameters under different sizes of forming rolls (including driver roll and idle roll) and forming parameters (including the rotational speed of driver roll 1 n and the feed rate of idle roll v ) have been revealed by comprehensive numerical simulations.
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